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    Boosting Alts in Dungeons (Different Account)? Optimal path?


    So I've been multiboxing 5 Protection Paladins and everything went pretty fast until I reached level 40, Its kinda ridiculous how hard stuff hits from that point. Until I realised there is a faster option, I've been running my alts (level 53 now) through Stratholme Main Gate, cuz in that dungeon there are like 7 bonus objectives. I use my main to kill everything fast to trigger the experience from those bonus objectives. My question is how will my boosting path continue? Does anyone have experience with this in patch 7.3.5? I heard Karazhan from 71 is good, I wonder if that also works if a high level is clearing it. What about from 60-70? and 80+? The goal is to get them to level 85

    Any help is appreciated!

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