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    We have moons though... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    But honestly, we could also go to the moon and I would LOVE to go underground. Some of my best D&D experiences in Underdark campaigns.

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    I'd like to see official outland getting an update. If guldans staff can shatter it, surely there's something that can pull it back together. Would be cool to see the void completely overtake nether storm and the moknathal be built up significantly
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    Quote Originally Posted by Triginhil View Post
    Didn't blizzard employees say there is a back side to Azeroth? The reason no one has ever bothered to sail West of Kalimdor or East out of Eastern Kingdoms was because ships were never seen again.
    I'd love if we sailed west next expansion and find some new civilization like the Atlantis in the Disney Atlantis novie that's using thier tech to fight against the old gods and viewed us as corrupted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schizoide View Post
    Everquest faced this same problem, running out of continents many many years ago.

    They went to:
    - the moon
    - the Gods' home planes (this counts for like 7 expansions, in various ways)
    - randomly-generated dungeons
    - new continents on the opposite side of the main world
    - another planet
    - a Cataclysm-style revamp of ancient zones
    - underwater cities
    - familiar zones in a dystopian future
    - a vast underground
    - a bunch of zones connected to previous zones that just showed up for no reason (counts for like 5 separate expansions)
    - yet another new continent formerly hidden in the mists (note this expansion released 2011, a year before MoP)
    - a revamp of the first expansion
    - a revamp of a bunch of zones from the first expansion missed in the previous expansion

    ... and that's where we currently stand in 2018, after 24, yes twenty-freaking-four, expansions.
    Honestly most of these sound great, lmao
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    Physically? To the gym.

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    There's still bits and pieces of the main continent (Ancient Kalimdor as it was called) that needs to be visited, though it would have to be worthy. Dragon Isles to name a place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychotrip View Post
    explored the farthest corners of Azeroth,

    Except, we haven't.

    There's a whole other side of Azeroth that is uncharted.
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    Honestly, everywhere. The map ingame works just like old real maps did work. When something new was found, it was drawn in the maps.
    Quote Originally Posted by atenime45 View Post
    Yeah right, typical Blizzard fanboyism detected. Paid much for making this thread?
    If you like the game you're either trash or paid by Blizzard, nice.

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    Expand existing continents, like they did in Cata, just add some Zones, simplest option for Blizz, they just have to throw a story behind it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sosua View Post
    Expand existing continents, like they did in Cata, just add some Zones, simplest option for Blizz, they just have to throw a story behind it.
    Are there any parts of the established continents left to explore? On the surface, at least.
    Some people really like flavor. Occasionally subsisting on nutrient paste just doesn't feel the same as eating a steak. I get that flavor isn't for everyone, but I doubt removing all cosmetic indicators from the game would be appealing either. Nobody want to log in, queue to fight modestly sized blue checked box boss #7, initiate combat using an attack sequence of abilities 1-7 with a 13 beat repeat coda intermittently, and collect item level 630 slot 7 gear either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychotrip View Post
    Are there any parts of the established continents left to explore? On the surface, at least.
    There's a bunch of islands left(Tel'abim being one of them) but it's possible some of these islands might be used for Island Expeditions. So really potential could stay or be lost. It really depends what is used in Island Expeditions going forward. I mean in my head I suppose there could be land forming in terms of the planet's evolution but I think in real life that happened over thousands(And possibly millions if i recall right, may be wrong though) of years instead of a few. That said our world has a titan soul so really suspension of disbelief is already in motion.

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    Bunch of refugees come to us from another planet or two under assault from remnants of the burning legion.

    We find out there is another planet out there with a world soul.

    Sargeras turns out to have had the universe divided into sections and Archimonde and Kil'jaeden were just his leaders for this area. Now the other leaders are coming after us or to break out Sargeras.

    Turns out there is "another side" to Azeroth.

    More HvA shit.

    Lich King 2.0

    Inside Azeroth trying to either save her or destroy a threat either known or new like an Azerite infused kobold/trogg/neuberian.


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    *Points to spot on globe*

    *land there now*

    *unknown civilization flourished alone for centuries*

    *bad guy doin bad stuff and players get involved*

    Blizzard: "Expansion created, good job."

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    Thermaplugg returns and zaps everyone with a shrink ray. We spend an entire expansion inside a laboratory experiment set up by Thermaplugg. He constructed this scale model of a continent made out of blocks. We must find the ”kragel” to escape.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkeymoo View Post
    I hope they keep the scale of the threats down too. Legion was a little too much. I mean we have spaceships now but still don't know what's beyond EK and Kalimdor? ok ...
    I don't think the spaceship will survive. Heck we can't keep an airship in one peice for more than 1 expansion.
    Me thinks Chromie has a whole lot of splaining to do!

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    - The "back" of Azeroth.
    - Maybe another underwater zone, but people didn't really like it the first time around, so who knows.
    - One or both of the moons maybe?
    - Other planets are always a possibility, but the lore would have to support it.
    - I guarantee we'll have another time travel xpac, but maybe to our own past and it actually has consequences to the timeline and "resets" everything, giving fertile ground to remake the world in the following xpac, like in Cata.
    - I'm sure we'll go to the Void at some point.

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    I think it would be amazing if they would release of a version of WoW before the explosion of the well of eternity. Like on single continent which basically it's completely different from what we see today.

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