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    Will you choose a new main for PvP in BfA?

    Keeping a close eye on the classes right now and as with every expansion I might choose a new main.

    How about you guys?

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    I haven't had a real main in Legion so I hope I'll be able to have one in BfA

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    I'm going to main DH. I've mained rogue for the majority of wow 's history, and I haven't been happy with them since MoP. I like DH, and it would be hard to fuck them up with the limited kit they have.
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    Possibly? Druid has been my main since Vanilla, but the nerfs in BfA alpha are looking pretty grim for all Druid specs. I did briefly swap to Enhancer back when Blizz removed shapeshifting out of roots, but switched back when they came to their senses and reverted the nerf. Or maybe the currently overpowered melees will have their mobility nerfed with BfA and the loss of Displacer Beast etc. will be manageable.

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    Sticking to WW. Looks like it will continue to be fun and one of the specs that isnt just 1 2 3-rotation

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    I have found that it is not a matter of FotM that makes me pwn in pvp. No matter what I play, I just suck at it

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    Depends of how balanced is War Mode. Some specs won't be able to stand on their feet, even with Honor Talents.

    I'll be sticking to Hunter, even if they've reworked the two specs that I'm playing.

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    I'm going to play a class that doesn't downright suck at pvp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Appelgren View Post
    Sticking to WW. Looks like it will continue to be fun and one of the specs that isnt just 1 2 3-rotation
    Same here, still has the best melee rotation with a couple different choices now. Been enjoying it on the alpha so far.

    Alliance main will remain Paladin (Ret)

    I will be alting with my DH (Havoc), Hunter (Surv/MM), Warrior (Arms), and maybe rogue/shaman later on.

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    Been playing hunter since vanilla and plan to continue to keep on playing my main.

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    Started switching to a new main each xpac, so there aren't a whole lot of choices left for me as the years go by.

    Stealth is going to be better for war mode: rogues & ferals
    Classes that do well in gank situations will be good: paladins, death knights

    For me, with the choices I have left, my favorite rotations are Fury Wars and Aff Locks.

    Vanilla: Priest
    BC: Druid
    Wrath: Death Knight
    Cata: First Xpac where I had max level everything
    MoP: Paladin
    Warlords: Rogue
    Legion: Mage

    So my choices to pick from are Demon Hunter, Hunter, Monk, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior

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    Pretty sure I'm choosing a new game for PvP in BFA... Classes are still following the same design philosophy we have in Legion, which is to prune them down to nothing, which makes the gameplay boring... Do they expect the grind to keep people playing? What happened to making the gameplay itself fun?
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    No, but I'm thinking about race changing her.

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    I’ll keep playing Paladin just like always did.
    As for an alt, im pretty sure I’m gonna lvl Maghar Warr and keep it as a main alt.

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    Since I went casual, I'll just stick with my Rogue, since it's been my main since Cata.
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    Proud Hunter since tbc.

    All my time invested in this game has been with my Hunter. For me WoW is my Hunter, so sticking with that till end of times.

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    I've mained warr almost all this expansion and for first time (after beign stuck at 1,9k rat a lot of time) i've reached 2,1k rat on 3s so i'm gonna stay warr, now the real question is which race swap to since i'm belf and it will suck in bfa.

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    I am still playing around on alpha, I likely won't choose till we can play with premade 120s etc as even now you can see some classes just need more secondaries to be useful.

    Rogue looks fun. as does Ret. Arms no longer relies on collo, and warlock looks REALLY fun.

    If I go caster, likely a Void elf lock. if I go melee... rogue is likely. dark iron.
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    Going to switch from tank to DPS for world PvP since it looks like tanks will be garbage now. Those 20% snares means they'll all be easily kited by any DPS with a 50%+ snare.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ergunk View Post
    Proud Hunter since tbc.

    All my time invested in this game has been with my Hunter. For me WoW is my Hunter, so sticking with that till end of times.
    Somewhere I always had a little doubt I never really invested in one main and kept playing and gearing it through all the expansions.

    Interestingly enough, the people I know that did do this (from Vanilla/BC to now) are all Hunters.

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