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    No, Warlock or nothing at all.

    Demo should be pretty op in any open pvp situation, as you're extremely tanky and got tons of cc (Felguard stun, shadowfury stun, mortal coil, service axe toss stun, fear spam) and the ramp up isn't as bad anymore and demonic empowerement is gone, so that service felguard you summon is gonna go ham immediately.

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    Yes, honestly the way class development goes these days I have to choose a new class every expansion so I don't lose my mind with how awful some of the changes are.

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    Dunno yet. Depends on whether I get bored of the Fire Mage playstyle since pretty much nothing is changing.

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    i had a thought of going more towards my resto shaman, but i will stay discipline for what i can see now. i like the changes so far for disc. just have to wait and see how it turns out, if im wrong or right.

    But my disc has always been my main and i dont think i will abandon him even if it was a shitshow.

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    Depends if this template stays or not. I'm not willing to play my Mage again with the template and the stat distribution just hurts it too much. Assuming melee mobility and interrupts will be toned down a bit, i might like to try a Demo or Destro lock. And failing that, there's always Hunters.

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    No, I will stay with my DK!

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    If the GCD changes go through I might be forced to. However, if I stayed Shaman, Shamans aren't really heavily impacted by the change, could be fine.

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    I'm still in a toss up between warlock and monk. Lock is of course just beast (for now) but it does get old constantly refreashing dots on people.

    I just started playing ww for the first time ever about a month ago and love the game play, I just wish they would live a bit longer.

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    In BfA I will be focusing on RBG mounts + the RBG Mage tower skin, so I'll literally be PVPing across every class... -_-'
    Gonna start with my hunter and Feral druid. I'll also be farming for Prestige with my main (Hunter).
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    Sticking with my Feral Druid, been my main since April of 05, so no reason to switch now. Though I may be race changing to Kul Tiran Human once they unlock, I'm digging the wicker beast style.

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