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    I think Sylvanas getting “redeemed” (meaning she almost goes full blown Lich Queen then realizes it’s bad blah blah) and relinquishing the Warchief title is a possibility. Nathanos will hopefully die cause he’s a lame character and fucking annoying. I doubt Lillian Voss is important at all.

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    Keep Voss far the fuck away please.

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    I don't want Magic the Gathering-easter egg to be the new leader of the Forsaken if Sylvanas was ever somehow removed from that role, rather a new original character or someone else current for it.
    SylviraSyrannisTalyriaMatriaArrowsong and many more.

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    It won't happen, but I'd love to see it because it would be the ultimate troll for Blizzard to make high elves Horde.
    Quote Originally Posted by Theodarzna View Post
    Side note, did Count Dankula ever say that? Or is the only phrase anyone is allowed to say "Diversity is Strength" while waiting in line for a butterknife permit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shot89 View Post
    Next: by the power of Elune a tribe of Trolls will stumble into a magic well and evolve into High Elves for the horde.
    I laughed really hard at this. Bravo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raziella View Post
    Is there any precedence for a Forsaken being restored to non-undead life? I feel like that would be a game changer for those people, and their loyalties.
    I'm not going to trudge around with my bones hanging out moaning about it if there's another option.

    Also, not terribly keen on where they seem to be going with Voss.
    There's a group of Tauren in thunder bluff researching the forsaken with the hope of reversing the effects of the plague... they've been at it a long time with absolutely nothing to show for it, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryry View Post
    She's going to sacrifice herself in some way for the "greater good"
    I'm thinking something along the lines of how Illidan sacrificed himself.
    We know Blizz likes those edgy characters and redemption stories.

    That way people can say "SEE SHE WAS GOOD"
    That would be cringeworthy to the point of weeping at Blizz's inability to write a decent story. But again, everything's possible with good ol' Blizz... I am dreading the Malfurion's mourning cutscene, cannot wait to hear that dumb old harpy Tyrande say something dumb. And irritating to her possible allies

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    Quote Originally Posted by united View Post
    Sylvanas will get “redeemed” and become a live high elf again. The horde will then have “high elves” (honestly just blue eyed blood elves) join their faction because the remaining high elves will see Sylvanas as a hero that actually died fighting for Quel’thalas unlike her traitorous sisters.

    Nathanos will be killed, either by Greymane or Tyrande, or as a part of the effort to redeem Sylvanas.

    And as for Lilian Voss? In this expansion there is dialogue to show they’ve made her pro horde/Forsaken, because spending 5-6 years as the very thing you hate will change your perspective on things. Lilian will eventually replace Sylvanas as the Forsaken faction leader.

    Sylvanas will step down as warchief, and Saurfang will step up. She’ll move back to Quel’thalas and be active in politics with Lor’themar, Liadrin, Rommath, and Halduron.
    I really don't get ideas like these when the whole thing that makes High Elves remotely relevant/special to WoW is that they are alliance, they only matter because they are an alliance offshoot of an horde race.

    By making the High Elves horde, you are basically negating the only thing that truly set them apart from Blood Elves.

    Just ask for blue eyes for Blood Elves instead of taking away the only thing that makes high elves relevant.

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    Old wolf(Gen) after seeing that they lose fleet and many soldiers in battle for Lordaeron and probably a fleet and they don't even get the city in return but a crater he'll be angry and make a mistake which will lead to many of the high elves dying out and all alliance high elf lovers will storm the forums of blizzard.

    To spice things up high elves that survive will "go on a pilgrimage to Sunwell" only to join the horde as an alllies(and together with the some nightborne settlers they will populate western Silvermoon), but not as an allied race(two the same looking races would be bad) but to fill the role that Raventusks did in the past(non playable allies of the faction). Or even join as playable "race" option by adding blue eyes to blood elves only to not give alliances allied race for the high elves to the horde, the alliances could have more customization options to the dvarwes like tatoos to have "wildhammer" option.

    PS: Alliance fanboi rage starting in 3....2....1...

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    I agree, I can just totally see it happening. But if it does, I'm going to cry for sure

    If that little cutscene does indeed happen it will be terrible. They've killed Malfurion, he was my favorite character in the Warcraft games

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