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    I personally don't care whatsoever about allied races, model changes or transmog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoulSoBreezy View Post
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    We're getting ready to begin our first round of public testing for the new Warfronts feature in Battle for Azeroth, and we'll need your help!

    On Tuesday, April 17, starting at 1 PM Pacific time (4 PM Eastern, 10 PM CEST), we'll be enabling the first Warfront for testing. To participate, you'll need to be on a Horde character and head to Zuldazar City, where you'll find a small table you can click on and join the Warfront queue.

    We'll be running this test for about 3 hours, and will be watching and participating ourselves, so we hope to see you there!
    I think my explanation is closer to the truth than your headcanon. Don't get me wrong, warfronts might suck and you can take a dump on it all day if it does, but come on, you're making @styil look good.
    At least I have standards!

    Having said that I am a litttle concerned at the state of BFA. I don't think there is enough time to receive and act on any feedback at this point. The flashy stuff is fine, it's the rest that's the concern.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tikcol View Post
    I'm very worried about BFA.

    Blizzard seems very keen on updating models and giving us new playable races and they're selling it to us as if it's content but it's not. That is troublesome and here's why.

    New models won't keep us satisfied when there's nothing to do in game, they will also not make classes less clunky and PVP more balanced. They're effectively investing too much resources into visuals and superficial content which for some will die in less than a week.

    Classes feel overwhelmingly clunky and boring especially since they introduced their new GCD which serves no real purpose. Meanwhile they're busy drawing new models for irrelevant characters such as Rexxar and making Orcs stand upright as if that is something people actually want.

    It's as if more than half the team is on drawing duty instead of actually developing anything.

    AI islands are very trivial content which for some reason are being praised upon just because the NPCS can jump and use Polymorph. Please.

    The faction war is a welcome change indeed and that is the only redeeming feature of the expansion so far, but instead of trying to build some real PVP content they're using those resources to build an WC3 simulator in game which is effectively PVE content. What's the point of going to war with random NPCS and fight for resources on islands against more NPCS?

    It seems like Blizzard is selling Visuals as Content and people are buying it.

    What do you think?
    The game is going in a new direction. The overwhelming trend for MMOs these days are to allow for smaller, less time restrictive content. If you dont like that, then WoW might not be the game for you. Personally, I love it. It fits my new adult lifestyle perfectly. I'm not some uni kid with too much time in his hands anymore.

    Good news for you is that WoW Classic will be out soon. Thats a throwback to the old school MMO scene.

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    Worst case scenario: We get bored with WoW and go enjoy other hobbies? That's what we're supposed to worry about?

    There are people in the world with real problems.

    Remember it's a game. Have a beer buff. Chill.

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