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    Quote Originally Posted by Templar 331 View Post
    Well, smoking does kill.
    Only if you smoke like a whore giving blowjobs :P.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Everwake View Post
    The same people who jump on Putin every time someone dies in Russia believe that Our Saintly Clintons couldn't possibly have blood on their hands.
    Heyyyyy, the conspiracy lives on. Good job lying.
    Quote Originally Posted by Decklan View Post
    You've constructed fantasy bunker that could withstand a multi gigaton nuclear factsplosion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Orlong View Post
    Its not legally unconstitutional. Its my opinion (and Im usually right) that it is unconstitutional
    ^^^ Orlong claiming to be right but has NEVER been right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glnger View Post
    He calls a friend. Says he's being followed by people wearing camo. Then calls his friend back to say he didnt seen anything after all and then turns up dead.
    "Next day turns up falling from 5th floor, dies a few days later".

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