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    Quote Originally Posted by Linadra View Post
    This is hilarious, because on 7th grade, the first time we started learning Swedish, we got this annoying witch of a teacher. I had been sick the first day, but from what I'm told, she only spoke Swedish to the class who understood nothing. Gave them the books. I arrive the next day, she's not speaking Swedish all the time, but she had figured it was great time for surprise exam. .... I hadn't even seen a book yet. 0 points. Most didn't score much better. And that score she actually took into account when grading. How are people like that even allowed to teach, is beyond my understanding.
    That's pretty fucking stupid. Our teacher was probably too lenient on grading people, nobody failed even if they knew fuck all what they were doing lmao. She was replaced due to complaints from parents about us not learning anything.
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    my senior year highschool math teacher. Royal bitch, would forget to assign homework then treat you like you should have done it anyways, did not make adjustments for kids being legitimately sick, would test on stuff she did not teach, and just generally treated us badly.

    Got to the point where several kids transfered out of the class to another teacher, and I would have too if it didnt conflict with my computer elective class. So I went from an A student in Math the previous years to a C. She was not invited to any school functions as a result, and was let go (or left on her own) a few years later.
    Almost exactly this happened to me. I ended up talking to my guidance counselor, the first time I'd ever talked to him and explained how terrible that teacher was. We decided I should drop the class, take it by mail (online stuff didn't really exist at the time). I got an A.

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    I've not had a bad teacher...yet

    I guess the best candidate would be my high school math teacher who barely knew what she was "teaching"

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    I guess I was pretty lucky growing up. In both primary and high school, all my teachers were pretty nice/cool/sassy. If I had a stern teacher, they'd have a sass to them that balanced them out. Probably the worst would have to be a Head of Department for Society and Environment who would sub for our teachers every once in a while.

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    My math's teacher back in high school. Our classroom was right next door to the teacher's break room, so she'd frequently slip away during a lesson and make herself a cup of tea. I remember one afternoon it was unusually hot and I asked if I could remove my blazer as it was too hard to concentrate with it on and my back to the glass windows that the sun was being amplified through. She told me 'no' and began yelling at me. A common thing for her and to this day I don't know why she disliked me so much.

    When she slipped away for a break, I took off my blazer and opened up a window. I also got a bottle of water out of my backpack to have a few sips. She came back and accused me of defying her. A heated argument broke out between us and I pointed out that if she was free to slip away during lessons to get a cup of tea then it was only fair if, on a boiling hot day, her students were allowed to take off their blazers and open a window.

    She sent me to the headteacher's office. I explained the situation and the headteacher sided with me. There was never a peep out of the math's teacher after that. I wouldn't say she became 'nicer' so much as she stopped slipping away during lessons and made more of an effort to engage her students.

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    Heh... It's always to think back on it and it's funny how math teachers keep coming up.

    My high school Geometry teacher was pretty bad. It didn't help that she looked like the Bride of Chucky (and the movie had basically just come out). I felt sorry for the people who attempted to learn Geometry from her. I just slept. (In her defense, I was a terrible student to try and teach math to.)

    Though, the one that I think takes the cake, was my "Vocational Studies" teacher. The class was some BS one that was supposed to teach freshman how to do thinks like balance a check book and survive high school. I made it a week before she intentionally moved me to the back of the class where I was told to "sit and be quiet, so that others have a chance to interact in class" because I dared to raise my hand once. About halfway through the end of the second week half the class had been told not to answer the questions she asked the class. By the third Wednesday, every question she ever asked turned into a study in silence...

    Great teacher...

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