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    Is there a forum ombudsman?

    Considering the repeat meltdowns in gen-ot and /politics. Reporting these from the end-user perspective seems to lead to no improvement.
    There's a pattern of inaction.
    There's a pattern of bad behavior.

    Flagging posts or mod actions for the random blue-mod to deal with, makes one feel like you guys are missing the obvious patterns.

    Is there like a designated ombudsman that is better situated for us to send reports too?

    Also I'm no mod, but I'm betting https://www.mmo-champion.com/threads...ful-self-image
    Ends in nation bashing, or racism/immigrant bashing.

    We get one or two threads like this a week.

    Patterns, how do they work?

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    Worthy question. I am sure we all have read enough times how we should take our concerns to global moderators, but everyone seems to be complaining about deaf ears.

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    I'd say we get several threads each week about immigration/rape in Sweden, not just one or two. The overwhelming majority of these threads are started by the same handful of posters. Nearly every single one of these threads ends in the same way, with racism and nation/immigrant-bashing, as you said. And it's blatantly obvious that is the intent of the OPs of those threads.

    It's funny how it's okay for there to be a gun control megathread that has effectively killed most discussion about gun control. But when I suggested a megathread for Swedish immigration issues, I got told there was no way it was going to happen. I wonder why that is.

    Anyway, I think a forum ombudsman is an excellent idea. I nominate @Skroe.

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    The blue mods are essentially the forum "ombudsman". I know it can feel like you are talking to deaf ears because we don't ever respond "yea we're banning the hell out of that troll" but I think we can all agree that wouldn't be a good response in any case.

    When it comes to reports of people exhibiting a pattern of bad behavior we need more than just "this person is constantly doing x". We can look through their post histories but more often than not these people have decent posts mixed in so providing specific examples helps. Also if it's a pattern of bad behavior two or three examples aren't enough. Also, "this person is mean" and "this person always argues dumb things" or "this person thinks things I don't like" aren't in and of themselves things which we ban for. Lastly... all of this takes time to do well and be fair to everyone involved.

    Anyway keep reporting and letting us know about people who are problem and we'll keep reviewing and taking action when it's warranted.

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