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    A few are saying that, most are calling for it to be banned out right.
    This thread is not about circumcision on people who can decide on it. An adult person should decide what to do with their body whatever they like; heck, if they want to do any body modification they like, whatever.

    It's about a case where a child got mutilated. It's about a doctor who did it WITHOUT CONSENT OF THE PARENT. And it's about the general issue that female circumcision is banned (and it's good that it is), but on boys it's ok, even through there are NO REAL MEDICAL REASON TO DO IT. It's far more risky to undergo a unnecessary surgery than simply clean under the foreskin too. Laziness should be no reason to mutilate a child.

    If the child is old enough and know what happens, then, after it got asked without pressure by the parents by an independent youth office official, then they can do it.

    Only exception should be for necessary medical reasons.

    But not because a religion think that to practice their religion you need to cut off the skin of some infant.

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    As someone with phimosis who was not circumcised as a child I have to say that all these people who say it has no benefit need to educate yourself. I wish it would have been done as a child, I now have to undergo the procedure and endure a week at least of pain because someone didn't have the common sense to listen to their doctor when I was born.

    However I do agree just doing the chop for no reason should be stopped, BUT it does have its uses.
    Absolutely, and that's actually the difference. Yours is actually a necessary medical reason, it's provable and should have been done much sooner. And everyone who say that it should be generally forbidden is quite stupid, even through i don't believe that most people here say it. I think that most people are smart enough that they can differ between an adult (or even a teenager) who want to do it after they decide that they want it or an child or even an infant.

    Circumcision is an necessary medical intervention. But not because it looks better or because a religion say that it should be so. Heck, some religion say that we should have female genital mutilation too, should we do it just because of religious freedom? Sorry but i can't see a difference here. I think that in general religious freedom is good, but even religion need limits.

    1000-2000 years ago i could understand why it was done, because you couldn't clean every day as we can nowadays. But we are living in the 21st century. People should be more anxious of a child getting an antibiotic resistant bacteria from an unnecessary surgery then maybe getting an infection because nobody teach a child how to clean them self.
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