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    Quote Originally Posted by darkvexen View Post
    doing some more research, and got a question.
    Gsync is out of budget, so ill probably end up going with . I can disable freesync, so there is one issue solved.

    But since it is 144hz, and lets say im getting only 72 fps in a game, would the lag and stutter be noticeable as a lets say a 60hz monitor with a game running at 30fps?
    or does 72 fps on a 144hz monitor still look better than 60fps on a 60hz monitor?

    Also, correct me if im wrong, but doesn't tearing only occur if you go above your monitors refresh rate? so there is no need for vsync since i will rarely go above 144fps with a 1050ti.

    My main worry is buying a high refresh rate monitor and experiencing worse game play compared to a 60hz since my gpu isn't that great.
    The 'stutter' will depend HEAVILY on your physiology, some people notice difference between 120 and 144hz, some don't notice difference between 60 and 144 at first, like me. Took me a few months to notice 'stutter' once my fps drops below 120 (between 120 and 144 I can't tell a difference, honestly, but I mostly play LoL).

    Freesync and gsync is the same technology (removes screen tearing, that's all) you need to ENABLE it, I have amd card and freesync monitor but I play without it, I have never noticed screen tearing. I found this bit on screen tearing:

    Just to be clear, it doesn't matter if the GPU is rendering faster or slower than the monitors refreshrate. If you're getting an fps that isn't a multiple or a 1/x fraction of the monitors refresh rate there will be tearing. Even if you lock you're fps to 60, 120, 30, etc. you'll still get tearing if you don't have something like v-sync to take care of the timing.

    Your question about 'looks better' for refresh rate, does not really 'matter'. Refresh rate only makes game look smoother, a good demonstration

    Now, remember if you pick up higher refresh rate and want more FPS, you can always lower game settings, so the game looks 'meh' but smooth, if you like that. 144hz is more flexible, but if you go up in size and pixels the cost goes up, [email protected] is still rather expensive.

    My main worry is buying a high refresh rate monitor and experiencing worse game play compared to a 60hz since my gpu isn't that great.
    That won't happen if you keep resolution the same, if you play on 1080 and plan to buy 1080 but with higher refresh rate, go into your favorite game and uncap FPS, see how much you get, if you get steady over 144 you will only get benefits, otherwise you need to invest in better GPU.
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    Sub 300 dollar gsync monitors are basically unheard of so this is on a really good sale. While gsync is not as noticeable as 144hz is, its one of those things that once you have can never go back. The best way to explain gsync to someone is that its a 60hz vsync experience at any fps from 30-144. A standard 144hz monitor is fine but there will be stuttering if you drop below your monitors refresh rate, which will of course happen a lot in WoW.

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    My piece of advice: make sure you're aware of what the warranty provides.

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