Thread: Dark Nexus.

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    Dark Nexus.

    This was found on PTR files codnamed Dark Nexus. Bois it is happening! Alarak and Gul'Dan will get new skins!

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    Looks neat! HOTS skins are always fun for the whole family!

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    Well, this explains the two Carbot animated Sprays on PTR.

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    Sweet, maybe related to the comic book that's coming aswell?

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    I think it is next stuff, like they did with Enforcer skins. Or related to lore on what they work on. We don't know yet.

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    Well, they promise us a Lore of the Nexus, so new skins are probably part of it.

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    Some more datamining.

    There is two carbot dark nexus sprays. One for Gul'Dan and one for Alarak.

    Also bundle probably is coming and skins.

    Shattered Dark Nexus Alarak

    Dark Nexus Alarak

    Forgotten Dark Nexus Alarak

    Cataclysmic Dark Nexus Guldan

    Dark Nexus Guldan

    Eldritch Dark Nexus Guldan

    And mounts.

    Dark Nexus Manta: 'Some creatures of the Dark Nexus defy both the laws of physics and the laws of biology. Some are also unexpectedly docile.' (Also referred to as 'EyePadDark18')
    Dark Nexus Hound: 'An amalgamation of bestial rage, the hounds of the Dark Nexus embody the most primal of predatory instincts. They are both savage and unrelenting.' (Also referred to as 'WolfDark18')

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