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    Not from a power/impact level. A business not hiring/making business with people because of their race or sexual orientation highly negatively impacts or can disrupt the daily lives of people. Especially when it is a minority.

    White nationalism is a political opinion, not an inherent characteristic people can't change. And an especially heinous one that seeks to harm others.
    Also something they would have to tell you, you would need to research.
    You said discrimination causes harm. Period. Maybe you should go back and amend your sentence, because I just threw it back in your face.
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    While I certainly support more sex for more people and don't think the old norms are viable, it's also become pretty obvious that leftists only support sexual freedom because they think it will spread STDs more, damage the family and damage society. Their intentions are not to spread more freedom, they just want people sick, hopefully dependent on their healthcare too.
    Yes, someone actually said that.

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    Just a quick search shows the average wage for a cleaner is 22400 sek here per month. That's about $2600 per month, for cleaning.
    that much for a cleaner ?

    why did i bother getting a degree when a suntan + beard + plane ticket to Sweden would have been cheaper.
    No good deed goes unpunished

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