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    Allied race fan concept: The Kvaldir

    So this is just an idea that came to me when I couldn't sleep, so it's not totally fleshed out.

    With Helyas' death, there's now an unknown number of wraithlike vrykul without any purpose. They may not have any reason for wanting to join the Alliance or the Horde, but there is someone who could have an interest in recruiting them.


    Why would she want the kvaldir of all the available muscle to add to her arsenal? Their ability to hunt souls. We know a major driving force of Sylvanas is using the Val'kyr to ensure her own continued survival, and that of the Forsaken, and we saw firsthand in Stormheim the lengths she'd go through to secure the ability to raise new and stronger Forsaken.

    While the Kvaldir don't have the magic powers of the Val'kyr, we do know they can pull souls from the Shadowlands, it's the entire purpose of their people, to steal souls to add to Helyas army of yet more soul-stealers. In Stormheim we even see Kvaldir mystics turning the souls of fallen Vrykul into Kvaldir, meaning the power of their creation doesn't lie entirely with Helya and the Val'kyr loyal to her.

    Even if they don't have the means to convert more Kvaldir themselves, Sylvanas can use their ability to trap souls on the battlefield, use more common necromancy and her apothecaries to reanimate the bodies of the fallen, then have the spirits bound in the corpses to create more sentient undead for the Forsaken army. The kvaldir are warriors and far more numerous than the Val'kyr, so she would be able to use them far more aggresively than her coveted pets.
    And then if they have the ability to create more Kvaldir, they might be able to use that to strengthen the Forsaken undead. Besides appearing corpse-like, the Kvaldir bodies are made from the sea and mist (one of the shaman artifacts confirms Helya is skilled in manipulating the elements), maybe the process used to create them could strengthen the Forsaken's bodies, curing them of the inevitable rot and atrophy they are currently doomed to.

    The Kvaldir also possess one more trait that would catch Sylvanas eye.

    Blind obedience.

    Even after Helya's death, the Kvaldir have not disappeared nor regained their will. They are still blindly loyal to Helya, a fact the player use on the Broken Shore to call on them with an artifact of Helya's, now she's no longer around to give them orders. If Sylvanas had access to the reproduction of "free-willed" undead with an unquestionable loyalty to her, it would be her dreams come true.

    Now as for the how (I really made this wall of text and only get there now?): How would the Kvaldir joining the Horde work?

    As I said, the Kvaldir are still loyal to their now dead mistress, but they are without direction and purpose. If Sylvanas could get a hold of one of the artifacts to summon or command them, she could present herself before them, another Dark Lady with an iron will and Val'kyr at her command. She's even known in Helheim, having been able to strike a bargain with Helya. She proves herself, the Kvaldir might welcome her to fill the vacuum left behind by Helya.

    As for the rest of the Horde, they're build on second chances. If the other leaders are kept in the dark of Sylvanas recruitment process and true motives, they will just see another lost people, having been forced to do evil and now having no place in the world. Besides, with the Alliance getting Kul'tiras back in the fold, a nation that secured the Alliance total naval domination for both the first and second war, strong and experienced sailors would be a welcome addition to the Horde.

    The biggest problem as it has always been for playable vrykul: Doors. I don't know how small Vrykul would have to be to fit everywhere players do, but I think we can all agree the fantasy of half-giants go out the window if they are not atleast head and shoulders above humans.

    IF designers can find a size that work and is aestheticly pleasing, I think the lore of Legion and the Allied Race feature loosening up on race uniqueness offers an opportune time to give the Kvaldir to Horde, and then give the Alliance vrykul, a fan-favorite race players have asked for since wrath.

    If you read through all of this, thank you. I had no idea it would be this massive a text when I started writing. Please share all your opinions, critiques and ideas in the comments, why it does or doesn't work, and what could make it better?

    Oh, and just off the top of my head racial ideas to round it out:
    Kvaldir: No breath meter and underwater walking, a small evasion mechanic where they turn to incorporeal mist.
    Vrykul: Duration of all slowing effects reduced by 33%, a melee ranged AOE knockback.

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    The Kvaldir would've made a nice addition to Sylvanas' forces, whereas the Vrykul would make a fine one for the Alliance. It matches what Greymane did by saving Eyir and it also matches Sylvanas' adventure with Helya.

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    I'd take Vrykul a million times over furries and other retarded half humanoid-beast creatures some people want as allied races. I'm surprised they aren't really implemented already, I mean what even happened to the other Vrykul in Northrend after Arthas was destroyed? People can sod off with their bird men, ethereals, murlocs and all the other stupid shit that makes no sense, but perhaps another neutral race in the future would be cool.
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    Bump cause I hope for more responses

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