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    I play BM b/c when I rolled my hunter 11 or 12 years ago I did so b/c an archer type class that could tame just about any pet I wanted in the game sounded fun.

    Fast forward to today where MM is petless and SV is melee, the game doesn't exactly give me much of a choice now. I've never cared much for MM over the years in pretty much any iteration of the spec. SV used to be my OS, and it's what I raided with in most tiers, but I refuse to play a melee hunter when I could pick literally any other melee class and do better with it. So, that leaves me with BM.

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    While technically you are right that the artifact isnt gone and youll use it to start bfa, youll replace it in about 2-3 hrs of game play and quicker than that with a lucky TF proc. If your weapon is ilvl 1000 on live, it will be a 265 in bfa and you get that ilvl of stuff at roughly lvl 112/114 or so.
    I don't think it's gonna be quite that fast unless you get lucky with a warforge. Normal dungeon blues are only ilvl 210 at lvl 110 & ilvl 310 at lvl 120. I was getting 270's items at lvl 119.

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    • good burst on demand
    • excellent mobility
    • good support (slows, cc, battlerezz, heroism and so on)
    • good "feeling" during gameplay, very direct class, no cast times or so

    makes BM very good to play especially in M+

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    coz BM is low skill cap. That is all.

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    because most of the hunters play a lot solo, and BM is easy mode on solo.

    i very rarely saw one in a raid or 5man.
    99% have been MM.

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    i played BM for whole Legion and did 6/11 M with BM

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    BM is not bad at all and wclogs statistics are a bit misleading imo. You have lower highs, but higher lows than MM, so you are really consistent when it comes to try to try dps.
    Nearly no matter what mechanics the game throws at you, you can always perform.
    I personally can't stand the turret playstyle of MM, so I played BM the whole addon and I don't think that I held my guild(s) back by doing so by any means (
    Since the rotation of BM doesn't need that much attention to perform flawlessly, you can also focus more on mechanics and are less likely to die to them, so it's a really solid choice for Progress.

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    Easy to solo with, easy to master, and while it's a bit souless in Legion (even by BM's standards) it's still more huntery feeling than MM was this time around.

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    Lol none of the dps specs take any skill, I guess people play BM for the class fantasy.

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    I just play bm because i have since start of cata

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    I played BM because it was easy to play and stream at the same time, i can move easier so i can focus more with my chat.

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