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    Teaching grammar, especially usage of upper case.

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    Having friends that also don't burnout.

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    - Strong server community as it was during Vanilla;
    - Alive general/trade chat without carry spam;
    - CC in dungeons and raids;
    - Valuable and time consuming professions like Vanilla fishing;
    - No more LFR/LFD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wulver View Post
    A game designed for the 99% (casual gamers) rather than the 1% (organized raiders.)
    You're kidding, right? The game has been changed so much to cater to the 99%.

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    Some solo(ish) quest chain that have elements of Cata legendaries/artifact/mage tower scenarios. A long ones ofc. An activity that require also knowledge and skill in playing your toon and also crafting unique materials. Something that reward you unique reward in the end for this big effort - mount, cosmetic armor, access to special vendor etc. Something to spice up the daily routine.
    Another thing would be to add daily/weekly personal challenges for doing certain type of activities. And even if they "force" you to teach something new it will be a bonus.

    This are the few things just on top of my mind atm.

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    The longest break I have taken during boredom/Burnout was in WoD. I leveld to max, did the first raids etc then I just quit. Did not play wow until the week before Legion came out. The longest break I have ever taken since I started in classic.

    Over the years the playtime I have each week is less and less, so I really dont get burned out these days anymore. Luckily for me the game is so that I can play solo alot and still do relevant content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowpunkz View Post
    What type of content would make you never burnout? Or at least "hard to".
    Some of you might not know the answer to this but other might know.


    For me it would be even the slightest of motivation/reward to do World PvP.
    I dont need much, just a daily quest or a faction of World PvP that would reward you daily.
    Please dont make the ultimate goal a "mount" like in Legion's Talon's Vengeance faction and for the love of god don't lock it behind PET BATTLES

    I've spent several monthly subscription only doing World PvP without any kind of reward.
    But since a patch ended world pvp in major cities i've stopped for good.

    So my dream expansion would be:
    -PvP gear from battlegrounds rewards you the best gear possible for World PvP
    -A World PvP faction that rewards you daily
    -Daily World PvP incentives/Events


    I dont think many people know the answer to this question...but i'm always proven wrong, so you might know

    Warden's Towers and PVP WQs are the open world PVP that people wanted. Every time I do the murloc PVP quest people try their damnest to avoid PVP unless it's an outright gank.

    I think Legion proved PVP players don't like "World PVP" and "Even playing fields", they want to gank people and own noobs.
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    Again, according to signature in some sense it already was "Never Burnout" (if think a little then that topic was conceived as something similar to this one, but apparently, I frightened everyone with my overly detailed approach). We (not in "everyone" sense, but just specific group of people) were mainly engaged in role-playing stuff and PvP - 2 aspects that doesn't become obsolete with time (both these aspects aren't just not priority now, but these are areas that company doesn't even consider been required for considerations during development of latest expansions - most changes here goes against basic game rules, against their viability, entertainment, accessibility, some times even against base logic). Mechanics, gameplay - it's all important of course, but this doesn't give green light to changes in game's organizational paradigm. Edit something a little? - Yes, but with considering rules. Balance? - Yes, but carefully. Add content? - Of course, the more the better. Redo/delete/replace game stuff every expansion? - No way!

    I posted some IMO material to relatively common game questions (not concerning models) during discussions after Classic announcement:
    1. General game design philosophy (&couple of words about armor types) +/+/+(+)+(+/+/+)+(more 2 msg after, so not my merit)
    2. Characteristics (&shame to PvP talent system + time-gate/catch-up, item-case) +(+/+/+/+/+/+)+/+/+
    3. Class
    es philosophies+ (&thier coherence with whole design+resource/supports/balance) +(+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+)+(+)+/+/+
    Some words about talents (&their connection with classes, borrowed powers) +(+/+/+)+(+/+/+)+(+/+/+/+/+/+/+)
    About dungeons&requirements also M+/modes (+RNG+g.tokens+t/wf) +/+(+/+/+/+)+(+/+/+/+)+(+/+/+/+)+(+)+(+/+/+)
    6. Bad
    world+ (and not only) scaling+ +(+/+)+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+
    7. Little
    about loot policy +(+/+/+)
    Servers+ type/org (WM&MMO+changes'soc.psycho.res+auto/subscr) +(+/+/+/+/+)+(+)+(+/+/+/+/+)+(+/+/+/+)
    Quests(also rewards)/leveling (&levels) +(+/+/+)+(+)
    Threat philosophy & badge+system & W.Boss mechanics (it's not mine, but I won't do this better) +/+/+
    Some criticism to Ion's approach (&GC reference) +/+(+)
    Separate material (pirat-bards/witch(+allied.r)/lore(Sylvanas,magic,stealth)/fb/LFR(G)orig/c-ls/GH) +(+/+)+/+/+/+/+/+/+/+
    Some thoughts about "best expansions"(and the worst one, also WoD&MoP&Cata&WotLK) +(+/+/+)+/+/+/+
    I would put few others links from official forum, but I think that's enough. I suppose it better also been put into signature link place.
    The end.
    Quote Originally Posted by Alkizon View Post
    That is, structure of their failure is not so simple and its story goes into their desire to simplify their lives by automating and cheapening development of content and progress as a whole, but not as result of particularly ardent desire to satisfy players or making their world more immersive logical and wholesome, no no, this was considered last, they just "tested" "your" patience and provided just "shut up already" kind of help, which, as you understand, doesn't usually shine with wise performance
    But key "Burnout" part for us became character models change. They made it (art change) in meanly and absolutely uncompromisingly and uncoordinated (to old) way, such or such stuff would be considered inappropriate to any developer, such changes - the worst behavior even in comparison with cunning marketing, because they irrevocably replace material, which is matter of personal taste and preferences (no matter for good or for bad, but still this is change), and it's doubly insulting that they acted so knowing that second chance for them to do things right will no longer happen. Everybody left. None of us have played since. I'm interested in Classic now for this particular reason, but I'm not sure that can manage to return everyone back even in positive outcome (no-toggle, have old models). Big part of friends don't trust Blizzard anymore already, and others may not want to play without them. Friendship and solidarity are stronger than temptation. It's very good significative on one hand, but in some way it probably isn't very positive for my purpose. It's been a long time, so is almost impossible for me to make it look/represent in the way like "company's apology". It'll be more like personal professional challenge. I didn't thought about it yet. One thing is clear: they already had "Never Burnout" for us, but they lost it. That's how things are. I doubt that they'll ever be able to fix it (perhaps this is my new friends' influence, but I'm almost sure that company doesn't care, and if there is no desire, so also won't be any work and no positive result as a consequence).

    ps. Probably this isn't something that anyone expected to see here, but since question was about "You"
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    I avoid burning out by prioritizing real life activities. I do raid mythic (9/11) but on a casual schedule. If I have to do something for work or for home, I do that. If I have to skip a football game on TV for a raid, I do that. But if I have some friends over to watch it with me, I skip the raid. Sometimes even if I make all raids in a long streak, I don't play on off-days or I play for a short time.

    I would otherwise burnout no matter what content they add.

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    Legion was a burnout for me due to paragon mounts, my want as a collector. Having to do a ton of WQs to get 10k rep for a stupidly low (1-3%) was beyond retarded. Outside of raiding all I did was spend what time I had doing WQs...

    Thankfully Blizzard aren't doing that again in BfA.

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    We all eventually burn out ecept if you are one crazy lover of WOW and don't want to play any other game.

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    To me that is not a question of wich or what content. But rather will my friends keep playing or not. If my friends would quit or burnout i would probably quit too. The game is just much more fun if i play with them.

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    Good character development, interesting stories/dialog, fun gameplay, and a variety of stuff to do. So far, imho, WoW does not disappoint.

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    -Shared reputation.
    -Shared reputation.
    -Shared reputation.

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    Like 5 new mythic+ dungeons added every patch

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    It will never happen, but a return to Alliance or Horde-only toons per realm. More than flying, imbalanced racials/classes, or anything else...that's what destroyed wpvp and to a smaller degree wow pvp overall. It removed all faction distinction and pride so factions became much less relevant. It's hard to even remember the last FTH/FTA run, defense of a capital leader, or mass wpvp. And back in pvp realms these happened ALL the time. We'd wpvp at summoning stones guild on guild for hours and even delay starts of raids for it. Now good wpvp almost never happens, it's just ganking lower level people or jumping someone fighting a mob when they are at 1/2 health.

    Now Blizz is trying to revive it with BfA and "choose your side",, but as long as people are apathetic about the factions due to people having toons of both factions on the same realm, it's not going to really work.

    I know it's a convenience to be able to have them on the same realm, and it's kind of irrelevant now anyway with tokens since people would just create 2nd accounts to get there (before tokens once in a while people would have 2 accounts to get around it, but it was rare). But it was one of those things where a minor convenience was added that indirectly changed the game in a significant way for the worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TelefonoGatewood View Post

    I think he or she was referring to the idea that as a multiplayer game playing with friends, then that is enough to continue to play. I play other games and sport activities that have not changed for years but still enjoy them.

    Kind of going to the same bar, drinking the same beer for years with the same group of people.. It has not changed but people do not get bored doing it regularly.

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    Proper (Cata or MoP style, both are different but acceptable) class design. If the actual gameplay is fun I could play forever. Back in MoP and Cata sometimes I'd just chill at training dummies enjoying and practicing my rotation. Those things are a ghost town nowadays because less people enjoy their rotation. Given how I could sit there just chatting in trade chat and enjoying my rotation on an immobile target, I think that it would be hard for me to be burnt out with good design.
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    keeping the game mostly alt-friendly and enough random gold generation to pay for my wow token = bam, I magically stay subbed and still play the game a fair amount.

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