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    Rated Battlegrounds

    Hello Everybody.

    As i am making a lot of RBG groups, i really want to improve my leadership skills.

    So my question is: What are the different choices in tactics as i sometimes feel stuck at 1900-2200 mmr.
    how do you get to 2300 rating, as i see so few pvp guilds and pretty much everyone is pugging their group. Im having a hard time to get people to do their job when im pugging people, and im having a super hard time arranging push groups as pugs always leave after one loss.

    Sometimes we get it going and i hit the 1800-1900 rating. next day i loose 1-200 rating again.

    Feeling stuck, so every advise you have is warm welcome..

    (and yes i have a Battle standard in my bag )

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    Only thing I really know of is don't be shy to add people that are performing well to your btag. Building your own little community is the best way to handle having to pug.

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    already have 100+ people on btag :/

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    But the thing i really want to improve is having multiple tactics to use, and mine is kinda outdated. i Really want to have 2-4 diffrent tacs for every BG.

    What tacs are you useing for Flag games?

    For AB/gilneas?

    for temple/silvershard?

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    I think there are a good number of people that are in the same boat as you. I think that unfortunately you cannot win your way out of this area with strategy. When you get to that level it becomes more about the individual players making decisions on their own. The strats are mostly similar with maybe a few changes here and there, maybe a 2400 team 4 heals a map or two, etc. Really though it comes down to the things you cannot "strat" for people. I am talking about things like cross CCing healers while you kill targets in team fights, dispels, interrupts, watching for the enemy team so you know where to go before it is called out so you are already on your way when a base is getting attacked, knowing when a fight is won and you are not needed there anymore to clean up the players, etc.

    Those are the things that make the 2300+ teams, it is nothing to do with strategy and everything to do with individual players being smart and playing well. I think you will find that when you get to that level you might not even need voice comms as much as you do at lower levels. This is mostly because everyone knows the general strategy and they don't need to be told what to do.

    TLDR: you have to have good players in every slot after 2200 or you get stuck there.

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