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Lmao, 99% win rate for Horde. Good one.

As an alliance player, I'm at a 75% win rate across the board in 'small battlegrounds'. The large ones actually go either way for me right now.

To answer the question: When you go in Mercenary Mode, it just puts you on the enemy team. It doesn't change your race. I can mouse over people and see they're an orc warlock or tauren druid. It's a lot like how RBGs work where you occasionally get to play as the opposing faction's team for a match. And if you are Horde, you get bonus honor from queuing as Alliance.
might be an addon might not, but it does infact change your race since you lose your current racial and get the new racial.

as a troll i become a draenei and i gain gift of the naaru, this goes for all the passive racials as well.