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    Guild Wars 2: The Celestial Tournament - Cantha expansion idea

    Mysterious ships displaying exotic sails have been sighted all across the Sea of Sorrows. Processions hoisting exotic banners and playing eerie music have arrived to all major cities, and with them, a message of challenge.

    An invitation to discover new lands, meet other cultures, face incredible trials, achieve victory, and claim what could be the most valuable prize ever seen. Signed by the emperor of Cantha himself.

    This is The Celestial Tournament.

    Journey to Cantha, and participate in this legendary competition. Discover what has been going on since the southern continent closed its borders. Fight guilds from all over the world, formed by other heroes or even villains. Old and new faces combine in this competition, and only the strongest will endure.

    Be careful though. You will be alone, in a foreign country, surrounded by enemies and strangers. Also, some things sound too good to be true. Are there any hidden intentions behind the tournament? There is only one way to find out: Fight.

    While the guilds of Tyria answer to the challenge, the tengu watch carefully, and prepare for war.



    New expansion pack: The Celestial Tournament

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    • Introduction
    • New continent: Cantha
      • Imperial City (city)
      • Kaineng Center (80)
      • Qinkaishi Mountains (80)
      • The Jade Sea (80)
      • Echovald Forest (80)
    • New PvP mode: Battlegrounds
      • Nahpui Quarter → Guild versus Guild
      • Monastery of the Thousand Daggers → Deathmatch
      • The Aurios Mines → Capture the Flag
      • Amatz Basin → King of the Hill
    • New skills and abilities
      • Six new weapon types
      • Nine new elite specializations
        • Elementalist - Dervish
        • Mesmer - Redemptor
        • Necromancer - Apothecary
        • Engineer - Golemancer
        • Ranger - Reaver
        • Thief - Assassin
        • Guardian - Forgemaster
        • Revenant - Ritualist
        • Warrior - Gladiator
      • New mounts
        • Stag
        • Serpent
      • Core professions upgrade
    • New activities
      • Bounty Hunter
      • Drilling
      • Musical Duel
      • Trials of the Tournament
    • New masteries



    New race pack: Day of the Tengu

    Click on the green links to go to the article.



    Hope you liked it!

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    Thats looks pretty dope. I like how you even made an example of the in-game mail. What you posted here doesn't do justice for the wiki page! Do you work in the industry or something? A D&D dungeon master? Because even as mere concept this is probably more than Anets initial pitch for the next xpac.

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