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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyandor View Post
    I wouldn't overestimate the amount of people that have that are prestige capped on multiple characters. The amount of time that requires (which is huge) only makes it for the very few.

    Personally I currently have one char capped at prestige 25, with the other eleven chars at at least level 1, bur most of them not at or past level 2. That spread gave me about 50 extra honor levels on beta, so I'm at just past Level 175 when it hits.
    On the one hand you can complain that you have to get the levels to get new rewards, but on the other hand if you have at least Level 80 you get all PvP artifact colors for free on EVERY class. Also keep in mind that the pacing of the levels may be different, so for all we know those levels to the new rewards will fly by.
    That's a huge deal though. 50 honor levels will likely take a couple months to grind through. Just to put it into perspective, 130 honor levels was the entire Legion grind.

    Furthermore, you have zero rewards to look forward to until honor level 400. So that's about 270 honor levels of nothing. 270 levels is twice the entire Legion grind.
    That's like a full year or more of daily PvPing just to get to the first reward.
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    The 500 honor level mount is basically 4 legion max prestiges, as a max prestige got me 138 honor levels. Each level is 8800 honor. After 500, the system is infinite and honor levels seem to carry on forever with no reward. If they dont increase the honor gain and stick to the same gains we had in legion, most people arent going to see that mount for a very long time.

    At blizzcon they said they were giving us some sort of box like they get in other games for each level gained, i wonder what happened to that.

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    the more i read about bfa the more i just see long pointless grinds with little to no value attached to them and exploiting the player base.

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    Actually farming prestige is retarded. World quests should never been better than rated arenas.

    I hope rated arenad/bgs will give more honor + bonus for higher ratings or game time. Look at 2v2 - 10 min games for so little honor?

    Farming max prestige is hell already for ppl that don't play pvp only.

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