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    Healers aren't the problem, non interrupting dps and enemy players who are smart enough to peel you off their healer if you don't have a viable counter/competent team are the problem. That being said I do think there needs to be a little stricter limit on team matching, I have had numerous games with 3 enemy healers vs 0 on our side. And visa versa when I am on my healer suddenly there are 5 of us on the same team.

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    I dont agree. Healing is fun as hell.

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    If there were no healers, damage would need to be reduced at least 3 times for it to be any fun. If I wanted to play a game where I could kill anyone within a few seconds, I'd play a shooter.
    I can't stand playing 2v2 without a healer, and I hate playing against double DPS as well (luckily it almost never works, so it's very rare to see them except for low rating).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luxliev View Post
    Oh it's not about power, as you said as long as people use tools that their class has they can bring down healer relatively easy. What I love about playing healer in pvp is that gameplay is never boring. It's very reactive and (at least in random BGs) every fight is different.
    Oh, indeed! I'm just a huge paladin fan, so I have a normal holy paladin setup, as well as a Shockadin, and of course ret/prot. But indeed, Holy seems to bring the more fun.
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    Not being able to 1v1 at all feels bad though when your main source of pvp enjoyment is just rando bgs because you will never get large degress of coordination. I tried fighting a priest on my Havoc, Interrupt first heal, damage for all im worth, arcane torrent next heal continue damaging, chaos nova and fel eruption the next ones. If im lucky hes maybe at 20%...except i have nothing left, i cant stop that 1 single heal and hes at 80% health with a couple hots rolling. At this point I basically just have to let his team kill me because im not going to get rid of him and if i cant kill him with the full rotation of every cc that havoc has available im sure as hell not going to do it now that all the spells are disjointed timer wise.

    I really dont think healers should be removed but they shouldnt be shining beacons of god that actually require 30% of your team to kill. Vanilla had healers yes and they could be annoying but they were also not immortals, AP PoM Pyro and they are floored, Mortal Strike and they are 100% donezo, there was alot of things back then that made the dynamic very different from what legion pvp is.

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