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    FROST trinket

    I just got a 980 Faulty Countermeasure from my weekly cache. My question is this : i got 1000 Khazgoroth Courage and a 940 Singed Fang, should i switch any of them for Faulty, is it any good ? Cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmittay View Post + SimC addon. You're welcome.
    Seems what I need as well. Thanks

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    Shouldnt be Khazgoroth much better?

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    Faulty Countermeasure is bad because there's no strength on it, worse because it no longer lines up with Pillar of Frost. The ilvl is nice, but singed fang is probably better. Strength is just too important for DKs, as it scales so well for us. Never take off Khazgoroth.

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    Just simulate all trinket combinations with either SimulationCraft program or the website. I recommend Raidbots as it is easier. You still need to get the SimC addon.

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