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    Why cannot I send the new Mercy skin gift via email?

    Every other shop item can be sent by email... this one is not.

    I know a good guy who is really big in my community and small people like me cannot be added to his battle friend list. So he is not on my friend list but I would like to send this Mercy skin to him as a gift. BUT THERE IS NO EMAIL OPTION.... only battle.net ID. WTF?

    Please help!

    I cannot ask this on the retail forum because I am banned on the OW forums (I am not a blindfolded fan and sometimes I have different opinion). I have already asked a GM about that but he just gave me the usual crap. "We will look into that. thank you for your feedback etc."
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    Wait, Overwatch skins can be gifted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flarelaine View Post
    Wait, Overwatch skins can be gifted?
    First time I hear of it too.
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    What have I expected... You are dark like a black hole. Do you even read the OW news? the cancer supporting Mercy skin? Jeeezzz I am talking to brick walls here.

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    You should be able to gift it to someone, yeah. Not sure why it doesn't work. Otherwise you may just send some BNet balance insteead to the person you wish to gift it to.
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    Let me guess, your main Overwatch account has been banned and it won't be lifted until after May, so you're trying to gift yourself the skin?


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    Nevermind I have realised why Blizzard doesn't want to allow the email option.

    First of all you have to know these charity things are all about tax lowering, tax avoiding. Which means they make money indirectly with this charity too (and of course it always nice to show off huge numbers at the end of the year report for donations).

    They don't want to let people get codes and sell it after the event because this way they would lose potential money. It is fine if not everyone gets it this year because they are shifting money for the next year. I am sure they will bring this event back next year and I bet they will add more.

    I think this one will be one of the bigest video-game charity in the history. But the end of the day if you look where the money will go reports show only 20-30% will be used directly the other part of the money, well... you can figure it out ^^

    So what's happend here Blizzard has started selling individual skins for a full priced game.

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    Did you only make this thread just to complain about the skin?

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    I think you'll find this skin will only ever be available for that charity. So until they do a charity with them again, you won't be able to obtain it any other way.

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