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    Unholy Deathknight Beta feedback. 10-05-2018.

    After playing around with this spec for days now on beta and playing this spec as main since wrath, these are the problems I see with the spec.

    Tier 56: All will serve. Still sucks, still boring, still actually annoying and potentially disadvantageous due to its ranged nature. Remove.

    Tier 57: Fine, happy

    Tier 58: Dont see the purpose of Unholy blight with a 1 minute CD. It should be a 30s CD ability which has a per minute damage equal to Ebon Fever's extra damage. Ebon Fever will be taken for long encounters/trash packs, Unholy blight will be able to get its damage out faster and thus better if things dont live long enough for the diseases to really do anything.. Otherwise Ebon Fever is still going to just be better or worse, theres no situational choice rn imo.

    Tier 60: Grip of the Dead - New - Basically a 50-90% stun for 5 seconds and 10-50% for 5 more, much better than the outbreak slow imo. Deaths reach reset also really good situationally.

    Tier 75: Huge problems imo. Spell Eater - Fine. Wraith Walk - No longer baseline, HUGE mobility issues, lets be honest guys, deaths advance isnt going to see us running around encounters to soak etc very easily, I actually found UH amazing in Legion overall but at times the lack of mobility made it so boring, frustrating and unfun to play around others. Death Pact - I've noticed a lot of you here are 'nostalgic' at Death Pact returning but why guys. Corpse shield was annoying because of losing the ghoul BUT it gave us a shield which is crucial for high M+ etc? Death Pact is our new 'Defensive' but it dosent defend against anything if we get one shot. We have a weak 20% damage reduction per 3 mins and a second magic damage reduction in AMS, but we really are going to be useless in M+ if death Pact dosent change. It should be "Create a death pact that heals you for 50% of your maximum health. But absorbs incoming healing equal to 30% of your max health for 15 secs." "Create a death pact that SHIELDS you for 50% of your maximum health. But absorbs incoming healing equal to 30% of your max health for 15 secs." Thus allowing us to pop this and survive 1 shot mechanics. Right now as I see this tier, we have to choose between mobility and very very weak survival abilities. This will create huge issues, look at Nal'tira in the Arcway. That boss eats DK's for breakfast if the other person you get gripped to dosent have a reliable disengage/gust because it does HEAVY damage broken only by mobility, we just dont have the defensives/heals to make this easy without relying on others. Now with the loss of wraithwalk AND corpse shield that boss would crush us with current talents.

    Tier 90: Didnt have time to suggest corpse explosion should be deleted and replaced with an ability than provides on demand AoE wounds but looks like blizz beat me to the idea with a 'similar' ability. Pestilence is a great talent, though I think it should provide a little more than 10% chance because right now we are relying on a small 10s window to apply wounds AoE then burst them, Id rather get a few extra wounds applied around the place and not have the runes to cleave them off than have spare runes and not have anything to cleave off because RNG goes bad on applying them only to one target or small amounts overall. Defile on this row is great also, and Epidemic is brilliant. Though I do have questions as to why we dont have a baseline RP AoE dump, maybe im asking for too much?

    Tier 100: Army of the Damned - You finally baked T20 4s into a talent which is brilliant, the new apocalypse part is great too, though I have issues as others have said above, its not nessecarily great for short encounters.. I feel this should be a talent somewhere else in the tree to make it more usable as I believe having an 8 minute CD that pretty much provides a huge portion of this class theme, is a bit stupid, you either dont use it and you barely ever get to see what you are 'A necromancer' or you take it and you lose the other half of your theme, which leads to my next point - Gargoyle. You are adding a glyph for the first part which is great, while I prefer the gargoyle idea personally, the model is trash and Valk just looks way better, huge, high res, the gargolye is some old ugly model that sits barely above the ground half the time in melee and cant even be seen. But my biggest issue of all. You dont get a weakened version of the gargoyle baseline like current UH in legion.. I understand the talent 'buffing the gargoyle hugely' but right now, we are being forced to take a talent that makes UH thematically what it should be. Its like putting pyroblast as a talent! It feels wrong, it feels like you've smashed it out of the park with the AoE disease theme, and absolutely forgotten the necro theme?

    Other issues. the 'Cleave' ability of the Dark transformed ghoul apply wounds is frustrating RNG wise and useless, it is an extremely short range frontal cleave that is uncontrollable and is absolutely not a reliable way to apply aoe wounds, this should be replaced with something like "Gas explosion, expels gas around the ghoul within 8/x yards applying 'x' wounds to all targets. Now the reason I dont like this, and you have made it better with the pestilence talent, is that, sorry, but as much as the idea of applying wounds on multiple targets then dropping death and decay then aoe cleaving them off is theoretically great fun and strong, it dosent work in practice very well, its slow, unfun, unreliable and incredibly clunky. Going into a M+ and trying to apply 3-4 wounds to each target takes AGES and when a mob dies you just wasted runes, it takes too long to prepare. We need an instant reliable AoE application, and having it would in my opinion outright fix the clunky nature of this mechanic instantly.

    What about Virluent plague having a x% low chance to apply a wound instead of death and decay? At least that way we can drop outbreak, wait 10s and maybe have a nice number of wounds ready, drop death and decay/defile and start chopping them away. Maybe you will say that is too strong, but atleast it wouldnt be freaking clunky running around trying to apply wounds AoE or relying on RNG of pestilence to apply a good amount of wounds instead of simply watching virluent plague build them up them dropping Death and Decay at a time of your choice when you are ready to cleave and happy the amount of wounds is suitable to use your main 30s aoe cd on it. Right now I dont think that Pestilence is terrible or anything, I just dont think its a good idea for our main cleave enabling ability to also be relied upon to actually apply the wounds we need to cleave.

    As someone who also loves the current Dark arbiter build of buffing the dark arbiter every 2 minutes with death coils so it does huge burst damage, I also hate the RNG of it. Just buff the damage by 1.5 and remove the ability of the gargoyle to critically hit. When you have an ability that hits a small number of times, for example 13-15 in the current game, and apply a 20% crit chance to that you dont exactly get a very reliable average number of crits. Its too RNG with too few hits to even out and smooth its overall damage. Ontop of that, because its final hits are buffed and hit hugely more damage, critting 5 times in the start it worthless to the final 5 hits critting, and if that does happen, versus someone who hasnt crit 1 time the entire duration, the damage difference is simply insane. Shouldnt happen.

    UH DK should ALWAYS have a gargoyle, weakened or talent empowered. UH DK should have a way to easily access a shorter Army of the dead CD, if not baseline. It makes this spec annoying and unviable in M+ only having your CD's every other boss.. And finally, Ill accept wraithwalk as a talent but please give us a true survival ability that is going to work in M+, you guys know that we will be glass in M+ right now. AoE wound application/ ghoul cleave needs fixing.

    Not sure if Unholy Blight will have a use, but ill leave it up to Blizz to balance? All Will Serve should be Army of the Damned, nobody likes it, or please just figure out something else for it to be. Make it a perma gargoyle or something. Being the least mobile class is fine, someone has to be, but we are like WAY too unmobile to the point where it dosent feel very nice to move around.

    On a side note, apocalpyse baseline is great. Thanks for that.

    I think a few small changes and UH DK could really be much stronger mechanically and thematically is all

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    I do not think Blizzard will ever see this. I would suggest posting it on the official BFA Beta forums where they are much more likely to read your feedback.

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    And once again, just post in one of the existing threads!? Hope this one gets shut down like the last one where someone pointlessly created a brand new thread!

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