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    Finding RBG Groups

    Hello. I've just started getting into RBGs, and I was wondering how people find groups to play with. I'm stuck at the 1600ish range, mostly due to not having a group to play with that has a dedicated target caller and strategy. Is there a discord that assembles groups?

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    At least on EU, RBGs have been a circlejerk of the same people for a while.. you either get in by pugging mindlessly, working your ass off to carry noobs to ~2100 rating and manage to get into a semi regular group when they are looking for fills, or by knowing someone on the inside. Once you have the right teamspeak servers / right people on your battle.net, it's real easy to get into good groups every day.

    When you play at 2300+ mmr, it's mostly the same 100 people as it's been for the past 3 years playing together and against each other, mixing randomly. On the other hand, the drama is fun, since everyone knows each other.

    What I mean is that the bracket is incredibly underplayed, so you start seeing the same faces over and over, so it's no wonder it's hard to join groups regularly.
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    So at the lower ratings, it's mostly just slogging away with no voice Yolo groups? I've found a few cool groups, but then they stop running. I'm trying to make 1800 or 2k this season, but it's slow, slow going without a dedicated group.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aestereal View Post
    So at the lower ratings, it's mostly just slogging away with no voice Yolo groups?
    its been that way since mid mop, the only difference in legion is that pvp participation in general has fallen through the floor so groups in general are much harder to find

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