Hello, I represent a group of friends looking for a guild for BFA. Things in our current guild have gone south and as such we're looking for a new place to call home.

- What we currently have -
While re-rolls are likely to happen in BFA we currently have the following for BFA.

1 Tank (DH/Paladin/Warrior) - He's undecided yet.
1 Healer (Holy Paladin)
5 DPS - Yet undecided however I will be a warrior, the others will know closer to BFA.

As it stands we're 7 people overall however we're still waiting on confirmation from friends which could raise that from 7 to 12 at absolutely maximum.

- Raiding Days -

Weekends are generally out of the question due to real life commitments some of the guys have. Ideally we seek weekday raids (except Friday) 20:00-23:00 realm time is deal, but not an absolute requirement it could start earlier.

- What we're looking for in a guild. -
Ideally we'd like a guild that has ambitions to raid mythic, we hope that together our numbers can ensure mythic raiding for whatever guild we join. We're not actively looking for a hardcore mythic raiding guild, we'll be happy to poke at mythic and make some advancements.

- Realm and Faction -
Unfortunately, AD is alliance heavy so it makes things much harder for us to find a guild, we'll be staying horde, alliance is completely out of the question. We're also unwilling to leave AD after spending so much money moving characters to this realm.

If you have any questions feel free to give me a poke.