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    As long as it has a healing spec I'm happy!

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    Would be cool if they add a new speciazations to the game overlapping 2 classes, maybe unlockable with a cool questline.
    Dark Ranger for Rogue or Hunter! Blood Knight for Paladin or Warrior! etc etc


    Dark Ranger: (Hero Class)

    Specialization: Darkness
    The Dark Ranger can sneak up upon their unsuspecting target, unleash heavy damage and leave multiple debuffs on the target then disengages before the enemy has a chance to retaliate. Through dark illusions and slows, Dark Ranger will confuse their targets to keep the enemies at bay until they have an opening to re-enter melee combat to deal heavy damage or finish them off from range.

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    My general assessment is that the two classes that have the best chance to make an appearance in future expansions are Tinkers and Dark Rangers. Both concepts have the benefit of being ranged and possibly utilizing mail armor.

    The Tinker really has no downsides in terms of pure design. As my Tinker class concept showed, you could easily develop 3-5 unique Tinker specs and have little to no overlap with existing classes. In an environment where people want to avoid classes feeling too similar to each other, that is a huge advantage in the Tinker's corner.

    The Dark Ranger is a bit more tricky, because at best you're looking at another 2-spec class that is going to he taking abilities from existing classes. Most notably, Black Arrow, which has been a staple within the Hunter class for multiple expansions would have to be permanently moved over to a DR class. Additionally you have the problem of coming up with specs for this class that don't run over existing Hunter specs. Hunters were recently changed because Blizzard found it difficult to create 3 unique specs that use bows. They would have to come up with at least 2 more unique specs to make this concept viable. Also, it's highly doubtful that such a class would be anything other than a DPS class. Tanking or Healing really doesn't fit Sylvannas' style.

    Despite those shortcomings, you have a popular hero concept and some interesting ideas from HotS, so I think the DR is a very real possibility as a future class incmusion.
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