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  • Night Elves

    70 21.34%
  • Void Elves

    29 8.84%
  • Blood Elves

    100 30.49%
  • High Elves

    43 13.11%
  • Nightborne

    44 13.41%
  • Highborne

    8 2.44%
  • San'layn

    34 10.37%
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    Dead elf is best elf. No seriously I love Night Elves, something about the link to nature and the moon just speaks to me.

  2. #102
    Dead elves.
    "Patch 7.2 is the biggest content patch ever created by Blizzard" bwahahahahahahaha thanks for a good laugh guys, yeah, alongside with 6.1, aha

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    Night Elves, by far.
    They were my second favorite race on the RTS, after Orcs.

    But ever since Vanilla i have lost all interest.
    They portray them like a bunch of timid treehuggers.. which contradicts their lore, and now in BFA.. lol they are a joke.
    (Same for the Horde as well, turned them from heroic noble redeemed savages, into expansive honorless ungrateful bullies.)

    Blood Elves? Once a traitor.. twice a traitor.. always a traitor.
    Nightborne? Biggest cowards to roam Azeroth. Ungrateful backstabbers.
    San'layn? Sorry, i'm not cool enough, or pre-teen enough, to like such edgy dark cool races.
    High Elves? While i respect them, i dont care about them really.
    Void Elves? I dont like them. They still stink of poop, after being pulled out of Blizzard's arse. And they are too dangerous to handle with all that edge.
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    No Dark Rangers?

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    Favorite Elf race? Trolls.

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    Nightelves, with Nightborne as a close second. The latter should never have joined the horde...

    I just happen to love their story and zones.

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    There is a chance that people dont know about the Highborne. Also they are basicly Night Elfs. Other than that why there is no Felblood Elf option here! I would select them. Anyways Sin'dorei all the way.

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    I was starting to get afraid, that I am the only one here, who remembers them and strongly adore them ^^

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    San'layn! Who doesn't love a race that would probably produce its own version of Space Jam!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korsha View Post
    Omg, there are people who vote for void elves?
    since they are the coolest looking elves in the game with the coolest heritage armor of all allied races announced atm why would you be surprised?
    There is a void in my heart. Have you come to fill it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surfy View Post
    I can only imagine people voting for them are the people that have 0 knowledge of wow lore
    Just as I can only imagine a lot of people voting for Blood Elves for nothing other than they're the prettiest.
    It's like Blizzard telling me I can't have a steak because there aren't enough cows left, but then tell me I can have as many hamburgers as I could possibly eat. That is exactly their logic with Void Elves which literally leaves no excuse as to why there can't be High Elves. - Check it out, it's enlightening.

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    Orc-ish looking elves... nevermind, those aren't in the game.

    Would make a good allied race imo

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    Either night elf or blood elf. Nightborne for their city.
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