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    The models look cool. Should be easy to get just by playing BFA.

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    Dat female models, sooo ugly god damn

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    Quote Originally Posted by ossapepe View Post
    Dat female models, sooo ugly god damn
    Thats why o like it

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    So, any news on thin humans? Or thin female humans?

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    Leaving the Balance form for last is draining me...

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    Give the Kul Tirans the default human model, with unique skin tones, faces, hairstyles and colors, longer facial hair, and light green tattoos. Robust isn't what Kul Tirans are designed for.

    Well, if you count the unnatural size for the Kul Tirans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rogoth View Post
    so what i'm taking away form this is that, while yes i am part of the alpha/beta testing pool, and i personally like the new models, you prefer your women stick thin on the verge of anorexic? please correct where i am wrong.
    No, there is a middle ground between a fat, nasty masculine body vs anorexic. Plenty of ways to shape a female body that still gives off a sexy, feminine vibe while being a bit thicc.

    I think you just might like dudes, but are having trouble coming to grips with it.

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    awesome but trolls and taurens really need a forms rework :S

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    Finally, a character I can related to!


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    Ho so now we got "mah body diversity" in wow too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seramore View Post

    Solid preview, boys.
    At least the race is actually confirmed.

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    i love the new looks of kul tiran cant wait

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    Male Kul Tiran looks like Dijkstra from Witcher 3

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    Male kultiran here I come

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    Female kultiran <3

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    Does the existence of Kul Tirans rule out Vrykul?

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