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    Such an easy answer.

    Blizzard has THE BEST animated cutscenes in gaming. It was complete insanity to not utilize this team, and honestly I think that's most of why the WoW movie sucked as much ass as it did. The characters looked like crappy cosplayers. There was no sense of epic scale, epic battle, all of which their cutscenes do brilliantly.

    I also would have hired a team of writers to write something to do with Illidan and his backstory (or just use the book as a starting point). Legion was right around the corner when that movie comes out and the story was completely unrelated. How dumb is that? What a missed marketing opportunity to sell the hell out of Legion.
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    Hire Paul Feig, and the edgy cast of ghostbuster 2016 to reboot the warcraft movie.

    The adventure of the 4 strong independent, funny women that need no man. Have Anduin added to the crew as a comic relieve and a stupid character.

    The 4 strong women plus a useless prince form a 5 man party and the movie focus on the women clearing dungeons after dungeons while the useless prince watch from a distance pissing his pants multiple time.

    Warcraft is always about diversity, only by pushing social justice would this franchise could ever survive.

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    I would of set it in the actual lore instead of trying to ret con the orcs . I also wouldn't of ripped of half a dozen movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The-Shan View Post
    It's perfectly valid that you may or may not have liked the Warcraft movie, it was quite the divisive beast, but let's say, how would you have made it franchise better, continue on and be worthy of a sequel?

    Personally, I think it should have been told from the perspective of adventurers, someone outside the alliance so you can better develop characters. The movie had incredibly weak character development.

    With Lothar you learn: He is the supreme military authority of Stormwind (Second to the King) fighting against extinction, and he has a son and sister with a close relationship with the crown - This is a weak character that should have been secondary, used to represent the idea of Stormwind.

    With Durotan: You learn he has a son, a wife, and opposes Gul'dan because he wants a future for his people. All of this could have been told very simply in a set of dialogue to a member of a cast of adventurers.

    I honestly believe the movie should have been cast to be similar to Guardians of the Galaxy, a group of mercenaries, adventurers who are hired to help against the Horde in the war, maybe throw a Frostwolf character into their ranks.

    Have them free Lothar from the Deadmines, have them help take down Medivh and with the evacuation of Stormwind when it burns. (As it's supposed to!) Have Garona have that actually heartwrenching moment when she is forced by Gul'dan to kill Llane.

    What would you have preferred, would you want it told from the perspective of Arthas, perhaps? Or a completely unique story?
    If I would make a Warcraft movie,it would all be according to established lore,not some weird alternate Azeroth version where Lothas has a son,Gul'dan is casually visiting the gym,Liane asks Garona to be killed etc.

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    They should've done a different story line, not start with something so obscure to the general WoW populous.
    Then on top of it they tried to tell too much/do too much in this movie seemed the story moved very quickly and jumped around a lot.

    Honestly thought the production quality was pretty good but more of an issue of the story and how it was told.
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    Make it animated like the cutscenes.
    Make it about the Lich King.

    100% success

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    Don't release it. It deviated too far from the source material.

    A Warcraft movie doesn't need to be made for people who aren't Warcraft fans.

    It needs to be for the fans for it to be successful. Experiment with shit later on. Stick to what sells for the first release.

    PS: The Orcs looked amazing, and made the movie worth a second partial viewing. I got bored with it halfway through, though. Garona's character is just... ugh, fucking awful. Leave her out entirely.
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    To all people who keep saying "animated":

    Name just a single animated movie which doesn't look like shit.

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    Good guys: the Human Kingdom of Stormwind
    Bad guys: the Dark Portal

    The actual portal is the enemy in this one. It is central to the plot. Evil is pouring out of it. We don't need to go into a crapload of backstory. That's actually bad.

    The warcraft story is all about portals. It always comes back to portals. Portals drive the plot. I'd open with an expedition or maybe a solo adventurer out in the woods or swamp or someplace and they are having a good time and then they stumble across this massive, massive portals with demonic carvings all over its stone supports and they freak out. its a horror story as i said.

    If you do a sequel, it might be "Beyond the Dark Portal" and you might delve into the culture of orcs.
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    I liked it. No need to fix it.

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    NO to Warcraft I. There wasn't enough to go on for a full film without so much flubbing.

    YES to separate films depicting Warcraft III's campaign—building at first to Hyjal then after the Lich King's ascendance. Could have built their own cinematic universe, as much as I usually detest the idea.
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