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    Pet AI for Imp, which you will be using is fine, it’s ranged and it works fine, really.

    I hoped Sacrifice will be viable alternative, but so far it isn’t, hopefully this will tuned appropriately to be an actual alternative.

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    Remove: Eradication (forces timing Chaos Bolts), Internal Combustion (forces recasting Immo.), Roaring Blaze (forces holding Conflag.), Soul Conduit (meh). None of these talents represent the "unleash burst chaos" that Destruction should have.

    Rework: Soul Fire (I love the animation, but I don't see the point of this version), Inferno (meh), Grimoire of Supremacy (too powerful but restrictive) and Grimoire of Sacrifice (the only good thing is the pet ability).

    Add somewhere (baseline or talents): Lord of Flames, Conflagration of Chaos, Flame Rift (the other Dimentional Rifts are kinda meh), Backlash (that works with spells too, not only melee hits).

    Will never happen (but I'd love to): Fel Flame, Old Shadowflame (the cone slowing with magtheridon's head animation), Kil'jaeden's Cunning (any of the versions it had would work for me).

    That's pretty much my opinion on what changes need to be done to the current iteration of BfA Destruction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dastey View Post
    Bursting Flare - Casting Conflagrate on a target affected by your Immolate increases your Mastery by 19 for 20 sec, stacking up to 5 times.
    Chaotic Inferno - Chaos Bolt deals 124 additional damage, and has a 25% chance to make your next Incinerate instant.

    Both being azerite traits and both being somewhat nice on the gameplay. First one increasing the damage of all your spells by a decent amount when fully stacked, and since it has 20 seconds duration it is not likely to fall off.
    Chaotic Inferno however imo is exactly what these azerite traits need to be. Sure it increases the damage of your chaos bolt by a bit which is always nice to give it a little more oompf, but in reality that instant incinerate once in a while is just so good. It feels so good, speeds up the rotation and gives us a chance to reposition a little bit when it proccs at the right time
    That Chaotic Inferno one is really nice, the spec really stands to gain from some reactive gameplay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wondercrab View Post
    It sounds like Destruction's still suffering from all the same post-Pandaria problems. Dull gameplay while moving and a lack of thematic flair. MoP Destruction was one of the best designed specs the game's ever seen in terms of its overall playstyle and identity, and it looks like they're still falling short of that.
    All warlock specs are still hungover from having one great expansion. RIP MoP warlocks, you were the most fun I've had with the game.

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