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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorgar Aurelian View Post
    Though it’s questionable rather something could even be on par with canon when you don’t have the rights to the canon.
    Canon just means the same continuity so other works need to reference it. So "on par with canon" would mean that it is similar to what could have been written as official. In the case of comparisons for the show it would be stuff that doesn't contradict anything and also doesn't stand out as obviously non-canon. If they gave Sauron a ak-47 that is obviously not on par with canon though gunpowder did exist.

    Technically express trains exist in the story as the hobbit narrator compares fireworks to one. Of course that is dismissed as Tolkien being an in-universe translator to their account and slipping in different words for the translation into English. If the show had the Harfoots riding an express train across middle earth it wouldn't be on par with canon even account for "lost in translation" effects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syegfryed View Post
    If they actually made a new story, like a warrior elf searching for an evil elf, or an evil orc, or even a human warlock or something, people would not care, they would see as a mediocre show and move on.
    No. They would. The amount of you in this thread that can't let go of a show you've hated for years and started right back up with just a trailer drop indicates that much. You can pretend if you want but posting habits indicate that most of you wouldn't move on.
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