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    Battle for Azeroth Beta Key Giveaway - Week 1: We Weren't Prepared!

    Week 1 - We Weren't Prepared!

    Blizzard has given us some beta keys to help you prepare for Battle for Azeroth! This week you will need to post a screenshot of your most memorable death or accomplishment in Legion. Feel free to include the story behind it as well!

    • This giveaway is for 250 US/EU Battle for Azeroth Beta keys!
    • This giveaway runs from May 14 to May 20
    • To enter post a screenshot in the comments of your most memorable death or accomplishment in Legion.
    • Imgur is a good option if you need somewhere to host your screenshot.
    • Winners will be selected by May 23
    • You will need to check back to see if you have won and claim your key. There is no email notification.
    • Only one entry and win per person. Attempting to enter multiple times will disqualify you.
    • Winners will have 72 hours to view their key. After that another winner will be selected.

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    Great....have to have a screenshot for something that probably happened within the last 4 months that I've been back? Seriously? I'm not one for screenshottng my game (plus I don't even know how to take screenshots ingame - tried once I think but nothing ever got saved).

    Story about the death should have been good enough.

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    Got killed by the almighty guildmaster who kept flaming us for a week on this fight lol
    Quote Originally Posted by The-Shan View Post
    This was shown at BlizzCon. Blizzard is a community, not a company. Activision makes games for the Blizzard community.

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    I already got a key but i know this thread is gonna be fucking hilarious with the photos

    Well done MMO champ this should be fun!

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    So i tried to open the Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron and tried to reach the famous pearl.

    Had to take rezz sickness and i respawned in the Barrens.

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    Been a while since I died to fall damage, good way to celebrate a new character I guess, feeling like a noob again.
    Playing my duo of Monk and Priest

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    Just waiting for raid to start when the paraxis flew over
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    just roleplay on emerald dream

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    Using a statue to rid the island of all seagulls

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    Doesn't show my death but all the blizzcon mounts at the time lagged my game so hard that when it came to I was dead due to PvP. Still got the weapon mog I was hunting for either way.

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    a bit unfair for those of us that dont screenshot often

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    Ragnaros hc back in cata

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    Thinking i chould take down a world boss solo ended up with my face plantet in the dirt

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    most memorable death
    This is the ONE... it happened yesterday when I tried to join Venrukis beta key giveaway by dominating opposite faction... This is the result... I suck at pvp and died right after my first combat.
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    Getting this while having 150 skill in fishing cause you forgot to train
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    Learning that the beam over ToS kills the hard way only to die again using Gaze of Aman'thul.... also cant post a pic yet in this thread.

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