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    for sure death demise: realm first yogg +0
    and as a solo achievement:
    lord of the reigns, although i still need a couple of mounts- this will take a highly prestigious place in my heart

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    the Patient , man that title was so tough to acquire, I thought I was rankjaun when I GOT IT

    For real though: Challenge Warlords Gold in January 2015

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    By far, the achievement I am most proud of : The Immortal - I was so psyched when Kel'Thuzad died without anyone having failed at standing in fire. Great night.

    The next one that comes to mind is Tribute to Immortality. I really REALLY enjoyed the challenge of not letting anyone die during the Anub encounter. As a healer that was an enjoyable challenge.
    *Really enjoyed the Arena encounter in TotC as well.

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    Probably Hand of A’dal or completing the Benediction and hunter weapon quests, even tho I did them at 70 when they were easier. (Can’t wait to do the Benediction quest legit on a classic server!).

    Edit: also the 5 man hero meta early in wrath. The feels when we finally finished it with 5 bronze drakes in Oculus....

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    That I have visit the barber

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    Actual achievements:

    Herald of the Titans (FoS) is my top pick definitely. It may not be the hardest, but it's hard enough and it cannot be just overcome with the level, at least not completely. Not to mention the amount of dedication, time and possibly money it would take to get it now. Imho it's truly the most magnificent thing I've done in this game. Got it during Wrath, but not when Ulduar was current tier, we did it in ICC already, but of course the gear has to be limited to what is available in Ulduar, as that's basically the essence of the achievement. It's also still technically available for those who have enough willpower, so it's not just "I got it in the past so I'm better cause you cannot now", no. It's a hard thing that can be still done, and I have it. I'm using the title to this day and I consider it one that remains relevant and means something even to this day.

    A Legendary Campaign (FoS) would be the newest one probably. For me it's the true sign of really enjoying all Legion has to offer. Feels good to have it.

    That's pretty much tens of other FoS achievements, but they are either just grind, or discontinued stuff. And contrary to some other individuals, I don't feel any pride in owning discontinued achievements because it's just about being there at the right moment. And newsflash: that doesn't make you any better than epeople who weren't there.

    As for raid achievements, I can see how curve/cutting edge you can be pride about. Others...can just be acquired next expac or by outgearing the place, which makes them just another tick on the list.

    Other than that I'm pretty happy/proud with my Rukhmar mount. Sure you could say that it's just a matter of luck, but it's something ridiculously hard to get. Regardless of gear, expac etc. Also got the TOGC mount (for Insanity or something like that) and I feel okay about that, too bad the mount is shit and no one can even distinguish it from a basic Stormwind horse.

    Oh and just to contradict myself a bit in the end - Shadowmourne during ICC. Felt great. The whole tier progression was superb. Kind of painful to see that people are now boosting fresh toons and doing the quest for cash. Back then 25 ppl worked to get it for me.
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    mythic garrosh kill...took my guild a lot longer than it should have, we had people come and go. finally killed that SOB, and before the nerf
    And to you, good sir, I say that is what she said.

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    Deaths Demise by far. We were head to head with another guild and even raided longer, just to have a hunter survive (and a DK and maybe one more) to get the kill :-D

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    Collector edition of Vanilla wow =D

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    Realm First! Keystone Master

    It's quite useful to find lfg's groups to do the weekly 15's with any alt xD

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    I take large breaks from WoW every expansion so I'm by no means the most hardcore collector out there but I'd have to say 300 mounts 'Lord of the Reins'.

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    Probably Insane in the Membrane even though it's a lot easier now than it used to be

    Working on Seeker of Knowledge at the moment and it's slowly making me lose the will to live, two more pristine artifacts and then I'm free....

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