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    I've mained a DK since Wrath. Every time the idea of rerolling came up I resisted because (I have a ton of alts and) my DK has too much non-account wide stuf. Some called me silly for using that as an excuse not to reroll, but here we are, getting an achievement to do 100 exalted reputations, and I've got almost all of it done already.

    I'm not even a huge proponent of account-wide rep but it's exactly this kind of possibility that made me not want to change my main, along with not-really-account-wide toys and such.
    Been a paladin since about a week into TBC, got fed up with my druid during vanilla, since the only "real" thing we were good at, was healing, and throwing innervate on the holy priest. On a positive note, the only healer more sought after than a druid, was dwarf priests, because of fearward xD

    And ofcourse, FC's in WSG ;-)

    Im @ 383 mounts, and with all the horses we are getting, the 400 mark, should not be that hard to achieve.
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    That's been changed evidently. When I did insane in the membrane, going from bloodsail revered to bloodsail exalted involved killing a specific goblin mob on a 5 minute respawn timer that give 5 rep per kill.
    You can do the math on that - I know someone who pulled it off though, it took months.

    If it's just a straight grind on booty bay guards now, that's not bad, but screw doing that AND steamwheedle a second time. Getting Defilers instead is worth a title and I'll still get 100 exalted at BFA release.
    Yeah, that was a hell of a long time ago then. Killing the guards with a group of 5 yielded...30 rep I think? And there were pretty constant respawns throughout Booty Bay. I honestly didn't find getting Steamwheedle back too bad, just had the Netflix on the TV while doing it in the background for noise.
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