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    Quote Originally Posted by NigelGurney View Post
    Maybe you were just shite then.
    lol nope.
    and i guess life tap
    compared to
    hand of guldan
    demonic tyrant

    without talents.

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    "for now"
    wow ps is coming with half life 3
    Be feared, or be fuel

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    Quote Originally Posted by That guy maybe View Post
    How would you even heal in WoW with a controller? It'd be stupidly inefficient.
    Not to mention communicating with your group since no one uses the in-game voice
    I was just made aware of this post so I'd like to demonstrate something:

    twitch(dot)tv/videos/244440932?t=00h07m47s (sorry, new account, cant post links yet, but this one is relevant to the discussion. Just fill in the url with the proper grammar required)

    You dont have to watch the whole vod, but hopefully healing an eoa20 with a gamepad clears a few things up.

    Jk, it's gonna create more questions but i'll get to them.

    Ill go ahead and preemptively say wow should not go to console. The only console that has any hope of running wow is the xbox one x. Console cpus are notoriously weak and wow is heavily cpu intensive to the point where even current gen top tier cpus are put through their paces.

    The only positive benefit we could hope from wow going to console is the faint possibility that blizz optimizes wow to utilize more than 1 cpu core at a time because consoles will need every bit of horsepower they can get to run.

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