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    Most people don't. But it's a convenience, and a gold sink. Not everyone has to have it.

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    I am sitting at about 2.5 million gold, but I haven't logged in except to raid since Christmas, so I have missed out on many gold making opportunities since then. Order hall missions pay for my repairs for our 200+ wipes on mythic Aggramar.
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    Maybe close to a million, but not over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeathHunter View Post
    Wow, I can't believe how close this O_O
    Order halls made many easy millionaires.

    Most long time players have 10+ max level alts already. Just get them though argus quest line and let them rake in the money for you.

    Garrisons were great for making gold but they still took some effort to post stuff on the AH and whatnot. Meanwhile, Order Halls give raw gold (and lots of it) AND there's a mobile app included (which is far superior as is).

    Here's a quick and rough breakdown for people who have no idea how great this method is ATM:

    Let's say you have 12 alts all max level and with fully-geared champions.
    Let's also say you use the mobile app 2-3x a day to check for gold missions (morning, noon, and/or night).

    - Gold missions usually give an average of around 2,500 gold per.
    - From my experience, you will average approximately 2 gold missions per character per day with 12 alts.

    That means you can rake in an average of (give or take) 60,000 gold per day just by spending 5 minutes checking a mobile app 2-3 times daily. That's about 420,000 gold per week, or 1,800,000 gold per month.

    That doesn't include all the other way gold grows on trees nowadays (such as almost 1k from WQ/paragon boxes). Unless you're fairly new to the game or wasted too long to level alts before 7.3.5 made leveling aids, then there's no reason to not have a few million gold by now.

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    I had 2,7 million last week, but burned half of it in tokens. Now I'm gonna try to save the 4,5 million for the dino mount.

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    Haven't ever hit 2 mil, usually just buy tokens when I get any sort of gold.

    Also, it's too easy to just mail stuff from all your alts to 1 toon and have that toon manage your inventory/bank. A mount (5 mil nonetheless) won't trump that benefit so it will be a hard pass.

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    Right now I'm back near to 2mil, at 1.8 I think. Though I've started the expansion around the same amount and probably made over 4 million during it. Have 1 year of sub, bought the deluxe BFA and still have 200 euros of balance on top of that 1.8 mil.

    As far as the mount is concerned, I'll probably make the gold to buy it but will not. Won't buy it even if it was 2 mil. Having all those vendors on it hardly makes any difference for me when it's so easy to move around the world.
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    Currently on 3.3 million total but I have recently bought the spider, toy and pet from Mad Merchant and I have a warframe too. Currently trying to save for the BfA gold sink mount.
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    I've never had more than 500k. I have no use for gold beyond repairs and the occasional item from the AH.

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    1.4 Mill here and i buy game time with my gold, so i have spent at least 190K plus every month. I have the warframe, dont want the spider and all i do is auction off what i loot and sell greys, been lucky with BoE drops this xpac, but nothing really out of the ordinary
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    I started the xpac with 4M, spent most of the xpac at 3M, the read this post (order hall section) and I'm now at 7.5M.

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