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    Top 5 favorite soundtrack

    Hey everyone, today's topic is simple tell me your top 5 favorite sound track of WoW!

    Here my favorite top 5 of all time!

    At 1:41 I always get goosebumps no matter how many times I listen to it!

    Nostalgia hits me hard in this one.... I remember leveling in Ashenvale back in vanilla...then this sound track pop up.. I was like damn this is awesome.

    My favorite part is the ending from 2:35 until the end.

    Cataclysm maybe my second worst expansion in WoW but I have to admit it that this one is a masterpiece here.

    The good part for me starts at 2:10 I really wish to find a good transletion for the choir at the end is it Latin? or something else?

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    Grim Batol
    Tirion Fordring

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oreyin View Post
    Grim Batol
    Tirion Fordring
    How dare you not including the shattering theme specially the part I posted!!! grrr I am sure most of the people will like it as well ! :P haha

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    This gem

    and this one

    honorable mention

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    WoW has tons of great music. Pandaria especially has much of it. Here are some pieces that have not been mentioned yet.

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    Anything from LK or MoP is gorgeous

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    I'll exclude the cinematic songs because they seem too obvious:
    Assault on New Avalon
    Serpent Riders
    Canticle of Sacrifice-a great way to close out the Legion OST.
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    On an expansion basis I'm a big fan of what was done for Mists of Pandaria. This stuff is fabulous. There are a couple of really good YouTube sites for World of Warcraft music. Links for the collection sites and then one of my favorite bits from Kun-Lai.


    Everness is a great music site as well for World of Warcraft (lots of hour long ambient compilations) and other games.


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    WoD is tied with Wrath for my favorite WoW soundtrack. I greatly recommend ripping all of its music and giving it a listen if you haven't already, a lot of the best tracks were extremely underutilized.

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    Always cheers me up:

    The first piece in particular:

    This used to be a favorite, but I can't listen to it anymore without thinking of my beloved dog...

    Especially the part with song:

    Gives me shivers to this day. Just about everything was done right with MoP:

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    The one soundtrack that was worth performing a live orchestry for:

    To awesome and chilling, really fits the theme of its expansion:

    One of the reasons I loved this dungeon. Especially the choire sounds nice:

    Bit of nostalgia with this one, but still lives up for sounding so epic:

    Ulduar has some really good ambience music, but the antechamber music stands out:

    Vanilla, Cata and WoD also has a lot of goods songs. Wasn't a fan of most of MoP's music for sounding so out of place for this game, and Legion's music is mostly just rehashed from older music. Though it does have some good songs.

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    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Garrosh Sylvanas did nothing wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velshin View Post

    Nostalgia hits me hard in this one.... I remember leveling in Ashenvale back in vanilla...then this sound track pop up.. I was like damn this is awesome.
    4:42 on this one is one of the soundtrack parts that always take me back to when I just started playing.

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    Grizzly hills
    Inn music

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    Don't know about top five, but number one is certainly Grizzly Hills. It just fits the zone so well.

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    5. Invincible

    4. The Culling - particularly the Sorcerer's Apprentice section.

    3. One of the reasons I could barely tolerate the garrison.

    2. From Kun Lai /Shadopan suite- start at 13:09 for the good part.

    1. I'm in love, still. So authentic you can hear the clicks of the nickelharpa.
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    EVERYTHING!! lol

    Temple of the Moon
    Enchanted Forest
    Song of Liu Lang
    Freehold Battle
    Drustvar Town

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