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    They better let us keep achievements as FoS (perhaps just the meta for SotA).
    They're going to become Feats of Strength, yeah.

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    I liked it and played it, before the latest incarnation that broke it that is. My guess is noone plays it? Makes no sense to take stuff out of the game, unless there 's a technical reason for it..
    It's the most blocked battleground in the game by far, so yeah, no one plays it. There's also a giant host of technical reasons for its removal, primarily being that changing it in any significant way to fix what's wrong with the battleground would essentially be like changing it into an entirely new BG completely.
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    The absolute #1 reason SotA sucks is because it simply takes too long. It wouldn't be so bad if you started with first row of gates down, no boat, demolishers spawning in workshops, and 5 minute rounds. It would still be badly designed, but it would at least be bearable.

    On the other hand -- vehicle combat, too many players, too many choke points and often unfair-feeling attacker vs defender balance are issues that, at this point, it would be easier to build a whole new BG around than try to salvage SotA.

    It's something Seething Shore got very right. It's quick. It's snappy. It's tactical. It encourages map awareness and punishes zerging. And it has no gimmicks other than 'PUBG' airdrop. Which is also fine, because its fun and contributes to the overall goal of 'be at the nodes'. Much more so than waiting on a dumb boat or spinning bombs.
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    Does this mean the battlemaster achievement will be changed? I dont wanna plant all those bombs.

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    Because its in pretty broken state right now, and blizzard doesn't want to commit resources to fix it/revamp it.

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