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    How to use Velen's Future Sight as Discipline Priest

    How do you use the trinket as a Discipline Priest? Got it as my first healing legendary from the 1k wakening essences chest.
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    Probably with Lights Wrath.

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    Not only - you have to have about 10 atonement buffs on the raid members.
    Then you use trinket and Light's Wrath.

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    you press it after you use evangelism

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    oh when I first got this and thought it was a proc trinket and never used it once for at least a month ... smh lmao

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    You generally want to use it in conjunction with Evangelism and what ever healing combo you are about to use, i will normally setup as follows:

    Get 6-8 atonement's running with Plea/shield then 2x PW:R>Evang/Velens as the damage hits>Penance>Mindbender>spam smite or Lights Wrath>Penance>Smites.

    Getting out as many smites as possible is the key to abusing the trinket as much as possible since generally the first part of the combo will top a few ppl then smites will pick up the rest of the raid through the overhealing distribution. So thing i see a lot of people doing wrong when using the lights wrath combo is casting LW after the damage has hit, you want to be finishing the cast just before the damage hits, as it has a travel time as well so no danger of missing the healing. Casting it after the damage means less smites and less procs from the trinket.

    Its basically a raid CD on 1.5min which is sick when used correctly.
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    What is this place

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    somewhat important that you use velens outside of the evang gcd

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