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    Keyboard acting like it has sticky keys?

    Hi all hope someone has some idea what could be causing this.

    I got a new ASUS ROG Claymore Mechanical keyboard. it's about 2 1/2 months old and today just random it started typing the same letter multiple times. almost like the keys are sticky, but nothing has happened to it. I'm using a old one to post this. and it's not just 1 key it's everything.

    well i was going to a side by side typing test to try and show what it's doing but now it's not working at all.... i've try differant USB ports, it's going to the correct RGB profile when i plug it vs the rainbow it starts out doing.

    Thanks all

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    Have a look in the Device Manager under Keyboards. If there's more than one driver try disabling some but leave at least one.

    Problem is some keyboards come with bloated software that installs their own drivers alongside existing ones and cause conflicts and duplication.

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