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    If I feel I'm going to be groggy in the morning, I simply set my alarm earlier so if I do snooze, I'm still waking up before I normally would. A big part of this is people keeping schedules, even on my days off, or days where I work overnight, I won't wake up any later than 8am. I may take a nap at some point, but I keep my natural waking up period to the day light hours.
    I'm usually up at 5am.

    For me, it's when I go to bed, not when I set my alarm. I'm fine if I get to bed at 2:30am, for example, because that's one complete sleep cycle. It may not be healthy, but it's much better than going to bed at 1:30am, because then I get up in the middle of a cycle.

    The alarm is very much just, "if you're hearing this, you better be out the door."

    As for my morning chores, to stay on topic, I really just have my basic hygiene and food needs. Otherwise, I have everything I need for the day set up the previous night. Grab and go, in the car, bye.

    Let's all ride the Gish gallop.

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    I have to be up at 4:30 am for work, and I quickly brush my teeth, clean up, grab my stuff and go.

    I'm pushing the clock waking up even that late, so I move quick. Sometimes I leave so fast that I come home to my alarm going off because I forgot to shut it off and left the house between the time I hit snooze and the time it went off again, 9 minutes.
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