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    Hi, I have a problem with weakauras. I have some auras set up in an absolute position. In 1920x1080 they work well, they appear where they should. Today I changed my monitor to a 2k, and the auras appear displaced, without obeying the position in x and y. They appear close to their original position, but slightly displaced.

    Has the same thing happened to anyone? Can someone help me? Thank you

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    But a pixel is a single, indivisible unit, right?
    If I want an aura to appear 100px to the right of the left edge of the screen, it should appear at 100px to the right in any resolution. Precisely an absolute position I think means exactly that.

    I find that curious.

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    Yes, I used to play in fullHD (1920x1080), now I play in 2k (2560x1440). Continuing with the previous example, before (fullhd), an aura configured to appear at 100px, appeared at 100px. That same aura now appears at approximately 110, and the aura setting remains the same (100 px). I think it's a kind of automatic resizing or changing the image aspect ratio, but I can't find any settings like that.

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    The UI doesn't work on your real resolution, but on some kind of virtual one. Run this command to see your UI resolution:

    /run DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage( ( GetScreenWidth() * UIParent:GetEffectiveScale() ).."x"..( GetScreenHeight() * UIParent:GetEffectiveScale() ) );

    For me on 2560x1440 with an UI scale of 1.0 it prints 1365.333...x768.

    And if you run the following code that creates a frame that's 1280x720 you'll see that it nearly fills the whole screen.

    frame = CreateFrame("Frame", nil, UIParent)
    frame:SetBackdrop({ bgFile = "Interface/Tooltips/UI-Tooltip-Background", edgeSize = 8 })
    frame:SetPoint("TOP", UIParent, "TOP", 0, 0)

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    I understand, I didn't know there was a virtual resolution below the real one. Thank you very much for the clarification.

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    It will appear displaced if the pixel lands inbetween 2 pixels so it will shift to one, If you have pixel perfect options on it tries to counter this with UI Scaling (e.g 2560x1440p UI scale for pixel perfect is meant to be 0.53)
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