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    More Allied races or more Customization options for existing races?

    Would you like to see more Allied races or more Customization options for existing races?

    Edit: "Both" or "None" answer doesn't interest me. I want to see which one of those two is more wanted/demanded/wished.
    Blizzard also stated that they can't focus on both at the same time. Quoting Ion: "It's just a matter of what we do first and what comes next. Right now team focuses on Allied races".
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    Why not both?
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    Both. I don't think it's impossible. And I don't get why is making new customization options such as hair, faces and skin colors such a big problem. I don't understand. Saying that it's the limitations of the old engine is bullshit. The devs just don't care about the character individuality and probably don't find it being a high priority problem. That's a pity.

    I mean adding more skintone options for the Nightborne f.e. would be a 30 minutes job.

    ... and #TeamVulpera of course!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Az0na View Post
    Why not both?
    Because I'm not interested in "both" or "none" answer. I want to hear opinion from people who lean on one side or another. I want to see what's more wanted.

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    Allied races all day long. Customizations only stretches so far and they've always been terribly dull to begin with.
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    Considering that Allied races pretty much became a cringeworthy meme at this point and also the fact people want everything in the universe to be an Allied race... I'll roll with more customisation options for existing races. For instance, I like what they're doing with the orcs.

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    I want both. They should give the old races something new and not just give everything to the allied races, but I also want more allied races, as long as they aren't lame (Like San'layn and High elves)

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    allied races in the current form are reskinned races and it disgust me, it disgust me more that ppl accept that 'new content' shit, the only ok idea was giving belfs to alliance and nelfs to horde in form of emo elves and nightborne (and even that is a fetch, but u can argue if u like belfs but will never play horde since all ur toons are alliance so at least that has an excuse), rest are reskin of already existing race for ur faction
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    Night Elves are still missing deer antlers option

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    I feel like we are pretty saturated on races now with the addition of all of these new Allied races. Something that I've wanted for the longest time is some more customization to the already existing races. I want more beard options for the males and for the races that don't have beards I want the option to have beards. I would love to see an option on draenei to remove those rings on their tails/face tendrils. Options to have some tattoos/markings for Night Elf males. I think some of the races could really use some more face options (Goblin males/Worgen males/Tauren etc.)

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    Allied races could be just an additional customization of old races because they are not even worthy of being called another race. But hey, now Blizzard can say that they spent ENORMOUS effort on allied races instead of individual raid tier sets for each class or more customization options for old races.

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    Ok, if i must choose, allied races. Theres more meat for bone with it.

    Though classic races deserve their own legacy armor.

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    More customization options. Fuck allied races.
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    I don't get why people are throwing a paddy about Allied Races not being new.

    They were never meant to be entirely new races. They are literally the sub races that were asked for among forums since WoD and Legion.

    Nightborne- Sub race of elves.

    Dark Iron- Sub Race of Dwarves.

    Zandalari Trolls- Sub race of Trolls.

    Need I go on? Not once did Blizzard advertise these as fully new races. Nor were they ever intended to be.

    This is the point when I say Blizzard can't win.

    Forums... "Give us sub races of current races"

    Blizzard... "Here"

    Forums... "WTF why aren't they brand new"

    But on topic I'd go with more allied races. Always a welcome change.
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