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    Upgrading before BFA

    I currently have a 680, and a i7-3770k.

    Should I upgrade mobo and cpu, and get a 1060.

    or Should I upgrade to a 1080?

    What will be the bigger upgrade? Thanks.

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    I'm guessing the CPU will be a bigger upgrade.

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    I would do neither tbh. You can't upgrade just mobo and cpu you need new ram as well. Your current cpu setup seems fine to me, maybe get better cooler and OC it if you haven't already.
    As for gpu - 680 is aging but still capable. I would wait and see if nvidia releases new gpu this summer - wait at least till computex.

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    GPU would be best upgrade with your system.

    Your CPU is still fine, 680 is aging as above says, best to wait but a 1080 would be the best upgrade IMO rather than CPU/MB/RAM.

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    If you can overclock the 3770K, there's absolutely no point in upgrading, especially if BfA's DX12 support delivers.
    I'd wait till July at least, maybe nVidia will release a better price/performance card that's actually on the shelves at MSRP.
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