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    Yeah, when they did the first pass of frost taking away the 2H option lots of people spoke up and said that unholy should be DW and frost should be 2H. Unholy doesn't even have any big hits, their biggest hit is actually chunked up into separate hits and most of their damage comes from multiple smaller sources.

    It just made way more sense for frost to be 2H and unholy to be DW but Blizzard seems to have a pretty short sighted plan for DKs in general. It almost feels like there is no one at the table advocating for the DK and they just get whatever to keep them in the middle of the meters.

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    All this crying for 2h frost. You all can stop. They wont bring it back because 2H frost was broken. It wont be a thing. Please stop. Really. Only reason you want it back because u remember 1 shotting people with ob hit. Thus it wont happen again. As mentioned it was broken.

    Just STOP!

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    All this energy would be much better spent campaigning for them to ease the transmog restrictions. Seems to be an easy fix that would satisfy all but a tiny percentage of the hardcore complainy-pants.

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