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    sounds ok,proly gonna try it out once i feel its in a more ''definitive edition'' state
    It won't be? The game is more or less what it is now and will keep expanding slowly over time, and it's already vastly improved and IMO in pretty good shape. Considering all the post-launch content is free, they're unlikely to do any kind of "definitive edition" release. You missed a good sale they had on Steam, but it goes on sale often enough that you shouldn't have to wait too long.

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    Aight, FO First is dope. Didn't realize it gave a "tent" with a tinker bench and scrapbox so you can scrap stuff on the fly, and it gives you a free fast-travel to it to boot. So you can drop it where you're at, go back to your camp for free to dump your inventory completely/repair etc. (if you don't need to repair and fully dump you can just scrap at your tent) and then go back to your tent where you just were for free. Sure, fast travel isn't super expensive (20-30 caps when you have thousands ain't much), but it helps.

    Also, apparently by having a character that's level 50 you unlock legendary perk cards for your account which...I wish I'd known earlier! I didn't progress that much when I played my last character, and don't even really remember looking at them, but holy shit. Apparently there's one that gives +3 lockpick/hacking which saved me a cool 3 6 points (3 of which I don't have cards to use yet, sadly) and it's dope, it even auto-opens/hacks level 0 stuff which while not a huge deal (they're super easy) is super convenient given how easy they are. You even still get some XP for it.

    Now I kinda wanna take over some of the workshops that give plans on a private world. Haven't messed around with workshops really, just did one when I played like a year ago, but I kinda don't wanna risk the PvP element of it on live servers. I need so many bloody plans still so maybe that'll help out.

    And protip for anyone playing: Water purifiers and corn/carrot plants are great. I think the beehive is from SCORE progress or something, but you can easily self-sustain your food/water needs with the purifier (5 purified water pretty much whenever you go back to your camp) and some crops to harvest which you can turn into soup (with boiled water which restores both thirst/hunger) or other foods. And honey so you can always have 10 in your inventory to insta-complete the Sweetwater tea daily. It's more than I've ever done with my camp before, and I still need to find some good "permanent" locations that are nearby resources and whatnot, but I kinda do want to work on making my camp more functional/fun than just having a hideout door that goes into a largely utilitarian room with crafting benches, stashes, and a bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edge- View Post
    So...anyone still playing?
    Yes. I still find it fun, and it's definitely improved since launch. And they're still putting out new stuff. They also did those board games with dailies like every other online game, but the rewards are worth the grind to me.

    To answer the @deenman you can effectively play it like single player. There are public events and you can't stop people from helping, but, um, why would you? Other than that, doing main quest or random dungeons and you'll almost certainly be left alone.

    EDIT: Since at least one person is looking for tips (and btw this is the place to do it) I'll toss out a few that have served me well.

    1) Get the Green Thumb perk card, equip it, and never remove it. Double plants from all sources makes cooking and making medicines a ton easier. There's also a daily quest to pick pumpkins that's just that much faster XP. Most importantly, when you feel the need to get Flux from nuke zones, Green Thumb works there too.

    2) Do not let the perfect become the enemy of the good. There's tons of chatter out there about Bloodied builds, legacy weapons, etc for people who want to steamrol everything in seconds. None of these are required. End-game content, such as Wendigo Collossi, Scorchbeast Queens and Daily OPs, can be done with plenty of time with direct, obvious approaches like "heavy guns and power armor". Knowledge is more important than DPS. It doesn't matter how good your gun is if you don't know which targets to shoot.

    3) There are upcoming changes about legendary weapons which means you'll want the plans for your favorite weapons as soon as you can get them. By the time you get to lvl 50 you can make anything, so once you're there, decide which weapons you like the most (for me, that's the gauss rifle, flamer, and baseball bat) and make sure you can craft those. This might mean hunting down robot vendors, or looking for player-owned ones. You'll also want to scrap a bunch of those till you learn the mods you want. I also recommend reading any treasure maps you get when you get 3 or more of the same one, since they can drop these plans.

    For some weapons, most notoriously Handmade and Radium Rifles, this will take a while. Sorry.

    This is less important when it comes to armor because...

    4) Secret Service Armor might have the best combination of stats plus ease of access. Running the gold heist main quest is not especially difficult, and the story is actually pretty fun. Once you get access to gold bullion, it will take a while of dailies to get enough to get a full SS set with the mods you like, but none of that is random. Daily quests pay the same gold bullion each time, period. The plans are always for sale for the same price, period. And the dailies are fast, so, it won't cramp your style much.

    Predictability is better than random any day.

    5) You should get the Master Infiltrator legendary park card and instantly equip it, and never take it off. It lets you pick any lock/hack any computer without equipping the pick locks/hacking computer non-legendary perk cards, letting you "spend your stat points" in other ways.

    6) With or without the Nuka perk cards, a bottle of Nuka Cherry is a solid go-to combat healing potion. I mean, it's a bottle of red fluid in an RPG, what did you think it'd be? They don't fix broken limbs, but they do work instantly without a stimpak self-inject animation. Since it's not a chem or alcohol you can use it whenever you want.

    7) Speaking of chems and alcohol, my go-to pairing is Psychobuff and Hard Lemonade. Psychobuff is just a solid offense/defense chem. The recipe for Psychobuff can be found in some events, or you can save up your caps and buy it by completing the Enclave questline. Hard Lemonade is far more random: you need to find the robot-run lemonade stand random encounter, which I've only found in the Forest and the Mire. You don't need to complete Biv's questline to make Hard Lemonade, but you will need a brewing station, of which a few are scattered around the open world. Hard Lemonade is made from one Lemonade, which you can also learn from the lemonade stand, requiring loads of acid and sugar (sugar is made from the reeds growing in rivers in the forest, or found in kitchens and ice cream stands), and one Vodka. It's a potent +MaxAP +APR booze.

    8) You'll learn pretty quickly which monsters do radiation and, worse, poison damage. If you're not paying attention and get surrounded, radiation damage can kill you while you frantically pound the stimpak hotkey to no effect. Poison damage, by contrast, is very hard to reduce. It's a useful legendary armor effect, and there is a legendary perk card that helps. If you like to run a Bloodied build, these two things will be your most frequent cause of death. Be prepared.

    9) The best grenades are also among the cheapest. Nuka Grenades and MIRV Grenades both require frags, which are dirt common, and the recipes aren't that hard to randomly acquire.
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    Jesus there's so much shit to do post-50. Need so many perk cards before I can even start to fix up my build a bit, tons of progress for legendary cards (is it just me or is the lockpick/hack card like...stupid good? Auto-hack/pick everything at max rank? furreals). Now I'm just needing to work on my ammo supply with my rifleman build (5.56 for handmade, .45 for lever action) which I guess means I need to finish the mission to get the mining power armor so I can mine the shit outta some lead.

    Apparently there's an ammo generator from one of the factions you can get that will passively generate a bit, but man am I feeling like I'm starting to run outta ammo. Picked up a converter that I'll need to use to convert some unused garbage like missiles and whatnot, which should help.

    But apparently daily ops are a great source of ammo, I've just been hesitant to join any of them since I'm still in pretty shitty gear/awful at the game.

    Finally making it to the eastern/northeast section which I never did on my old character (skipping the robot raider lady quest for now so she doesn't yell at me each time I log in), there's a lot of really pretty scenery and great visual storytelling in the map. I just wish they'd fix the audio issue with robots (get more than 3-4 in an area and sound goes to total shit) and some of the weird performance issues in some spots of the map where the game starts chugging.


    Seems to be a fairly updated list of locations for just about anything you might want to farm. Wish there was an easier way to tag materials for search other than dumping all of said mat from your inventory/stash, trying to craft an item that needs it, and toggling it there. Feel like it's gonna take some doing to build up enough springs/lead/ballistic fiber/screws/few other bits and bobs that I'll need to keep my shit repaired and my ammo topped off, but I'm down with that. Still tons left to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edge- View Post
    Apparently there's an ammo generator from one of the factions

    But apparently daily ops are a great source of ammo
    There's an ammo generator, and an ammo converter. Honestly, I think the converter is the better, but there's no reason you can't have both.

    The converter lets you burn ammo you don't like (0.38, syringes, crossbow bolts, etc) into points, and spend the points on ammo you do like. Points are an invisible currency. You can use the ammo converter in someone else's camp, there's no reason to lock those, you can't steal someone else's points. So you could, for example, save all the ammo you don't like in your stash, and when you find someone's camp with a converter (or get your own) extract them and burn them.

    Or, you can burn materials to make crappy ammo (looking at you, railway rifle spikes) just to burn them for converter points.

    Alternatively, you can and should look into the legendary perk card Ammo Factory. A max rank card is +150% ammo crafted, and it stacks multiplicatively. It was my first card to 4/4 and I've never even considered removing it since. If you're a ways away from that, perhaps someone in your friends list has it and can craft ammo for you. Also, the prevalence of this card means that places such as Market 76 have people selling ammo for 1 cap each, or lower.

    Daily OPs can be good for ammo, kind of. Any enemy you kill in Daiy OPs drops the ammo of the gun you fired to kill them. I am a horrible shot, and individual monsters don't give me enough ammo to replace the ammo I used very often. But the end boss drops a bunch, and completing the OP gives you a larger bundle. In my Heavy Armor Shotgun build, I tend to burn about 100 to 200 Ultracite EC charges per run, and get back 200 to 300 if I run around looting every single corpse and also tag the boss. If I'm less effective, I still break even, but you're not looking to break even.

    If you're worried about Daily OPs, there are two types and one of them can be helped by literally anyone. Uplink speed can be helped by a level 1 nobody just standing still, so if you see a 2 or 3-man group forming, you'll be doing them a favor just by being there. Simply put, extra people cannot make an Uplink Daily OP slower. Just bring your A-game, by which I mean as many food buffs as you can get and inject chems like an East German gymnast.

    There was also a tune a while ago that made Ultracite ammo crafting more effective. I don't know if you saw that or not.

    Unrelated: I'm pretty sure my Secret Service armor doesn't take ballistic fiber to repair. If you're not worried about having enough ballistic fiber, consider working on a replacement set that doesn't require it. Also the asylum has a few ammo bags in the abandoned Brotherhood rooms -- they're mostly on the left side of the building.

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    Yo this last update was pretty bangers. I haven't touched the story bits yet, but it's great.

    Legendary crafting is...alright. It's just a big resource sink that's gated a bit, but it's fantastic to be able to craft legendary mods on gear I'm already using. It'll be slow going, but already got a decent 3-star handmade and just need to start working on the rest of my armor.

    Events are poppin! Since they drop the modules/cores (I forget which is which) needed for legendary crafting most worlds I've been on usually have an events team or two rolling, and even if not there are usually folks at just about any active event. I've engaged with some prior to the update, but I'm doing a lot more now that there's more incentive and have noticed a lot more engagement overall. Solid shit, doing some events I've never done before so that's a lot of fun.

    And I'm genuinely shocked at how much there remains "to do". I'm around 120 hours into my character (started fresh since my last was awful, I'd forgotten everything, and I like fresh starts after long breaks) and I've still got tons of main/side missions to do plus a handful of locations that I still haven't explored/uncovered on my map. That's not even touching on stuff like rep grinds and other more end-game focused activities.

    And now that I'm focusing a bit on SCORE stuff (first time I've played when there's a fresh season!) I'm doing more daily-ops. Mods seem to have a huge impact on whether it's "fun" or not, but I've been quite enjoying running these with full groups. Great side-bonus of them (and events, but more daily-ops) is that people die so you can get your revive credit for the Pioneer Scout quest which I thought would take forever.

    Seriously, I'm sure that as I get closer to the "endgame grind" phase that a lot more of the wrinkles and flaws to really show, but I'm still having an absolute blast. Nothing too fancy, but got my camp set up so I can make some extra caps selling bobbleheads/mags/chems/other stuff for super cheap (I have no idea what 'standard' prices are so everything I sell is probably dirt-cheap which I'm fine with. Just a bit of extra caps that I don't do much with and I've had some lowbies swing by to stock up for adventures without bankrupting them) and appear to have plenty to sustain my ammo/food (corn soup FTW, and ammo factory + superduper + ammosmith for crafting ammo).


    Kinda wanna find some "guilds" or whatever now. I love wandering the wasteland alone, but sometimes it'd be nice to have a few buddies. That or be able to nab folks for daily-ops instead of world-hopping until I find one with an active group or two.

    Downside of the update is it seems to have introduced a few annoying bugs (sometimes I lose the ability to "scope" in third person and am forced to walk until I sprint, it's weird) and apparently a new dupe bug that's been causing server instability all weekend. Saturday patch was supposed to address it but it seems to be having mixed results.

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    Wish there was an AH rather than having to server jump to find good items

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    Wish there was an AH rather than having to server jump to find good items
    I actually kinda dig it, it fits with the setting/themes and while I may have a boring-ass camp, it's a lot of fun to see what folks have built when going to their stores. Can be annoying if you're looking for something specific for sure, especially since you have a pretty limited selection per-world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necrosaro123 View Post
    Anything good going on?, since FF14 was horrible.
    I don't know when the Fort Atlas update was, but they're continuing the BoS storyline in the most recent one, sounds like they're building up to a conflict (I haven't played through it). Also added legendary crafting (you get mats from events and selling scrip) that allows you to reroll 1-3 star legendaries. Each roll is fresh so you can't just upgrade a 2 star to a 3 star and keep the existing mods on it. It's not the best, but it's solid. Also legendary PA armor now. Events are pretty active now since you need drops from there for legendary crafting, most servers usually have an events group (more event XP) and they're usually fairly populated. Most are easy as hell to smash with a handful of folks playing, which is a lot of fun since before I'd been doing some solo and struggled a bit.

    Other than that...if daily ops weren't in when you played they're a thing. Just instanced missions that pick a group of enemies (rat dudes, super mutants etc.) and have a few random modifiers (enemies heal when close/explode on kill/can only be killed by melee hits etc., they may be stealthed or have armor piercing ammo etc.) and have you either hunt down baddies or defend a few locations. Very much just giant killboxes, great for ammo and some decent XP/rewards (if you get the top tier rewards for clearing early). Next update in the fall, I believe, is supposed to expand daily ops.

    Beyond that we're looking towards expeditions next year. No real word on what they are, but they're some kind of instanced dungeon type thing. First one is in Pittsburgh.

    Probably missing tons of stuff.

    Edit: Like the fact that the scoreboard now has endless progression after level 100. Legendary crafting components, perk card packs, atoms, consumables and some other goodies can all be earned post-100 for anyone that gets through the whole thing. Not bad.

    Unrelated: Man, rifleman is kinda...not as good as I was hoping. I might try to update this to a stealth/vats build (especially for when I get that armor that lets you stealth almost permanently) but...mmmeeeeeehhhhhhh. Now that I've got my ammo situation more or less settled I might try swapping over to commando and seeing how that works. Should probably pick up a laser weapon since I've got stupid amounts of that ammo just taking up weight in my stash, and never really played around with them on this character.
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    September update announced, it's customizable worlds.

    Progress isn't shared with adventure mode which is lame, but completely understandable. Seems to come in two flavors -

    Public Worlds - Everyone can access, they're made with custom modifiers by Bethesda and rotate regularly.
    Private Worlds - Requires FO1 to set up like a normal private world. But it sounds like they're giving players access to do pretty much anything. Infinite building anywhere, control over the weather, spawn enemies, infinite ammo etc. etc.

    I can't say I'm stoked about it personally, might be fun to dick around with friends (if I had any that played) and explore some areas safely. Seems great for the fandom though, and it's a pretty big push for more folks to sign up for FO1 with tons of room for players to have all kinds of crazy fun.

    Doesn't really do anything for me, but I'm curious to see what the Daily Ops update does to shake that up a bit. Guess I'm waiting until the Winter update with aliens for more stuff to do.

    Also, Minerva is selling the Grocer backpack mod at Crater right now. It's not terribly expensive (like 300 bullion I think?) and it's basically a free 3 point Tru-Hiker (90% food/water reduction). Solid shit, freed up a few points so I could toss into Bandolier (for now, will probably move those around again since I don't carry a ton of ballistic ammo on me).

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    Do you still play @Edge-? I played the game at launch and didn't stick with very long (only made it to level 8), but I was hyped to pick the game back up after reading your posts a couple months or so ago. Fast forward to today and I'm around level 93 and having a blast. It's kind of bizarre to be working on quests at Fort Atlas while trying to find out what happened to the Brotherhood at Fort Defiance, but other than weird things like that I'm digging it. I haven't completed any of the main storylines yet, but I think they have a pretty cool story going between the different factions so far.

    I was a big fan of the settlements/camps in Fallout 4 and I think they nailed it in Fallout 76. I don't even want to admit how many times I've moved and/or completely remade my camp just for the fun of trying something new or incorporating some bit of terrain. I really hope it's something they build on in future Fallouts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by downnola View Post
    It's kind of bizarre to be working on quests at Fort Atlas while trying to find out what happened to the Brotherhood at Fort Defiance, but other than weird things like that I'm digging it. I haven't completed any of the main storylines yet, but I think they have a pretty cool story going between the different factions so far.
    Ye, the way they have quests structured you can do pretty much any of them in any order. It's a narrative mess for sure, but I appreciate the freedom. I put the BOS missions on-pause while I worked on the other main quests, only coming back to them (and figuring out which one went first) after I'd cleared out other missions.

    Quote Originally Posted by downnola View Post
    I was a big fan of the settlements/camps in Fallout 4 and I think they nailed it in Fallout 76. I don't even want to admit how many times I've moved and/or completely remade my camp just for the fun of trying something new or incorporating some bit of terrain. I really hope it's something they build on in future Fallouts.
    I'm mixed on this.

    The limitations can really screw over creativity and limit options, though I imagine these are needed for server stability reasons. It doesn't help that 9/10 times I join a server that someone else has a camp in my location so I need to server hop if I want to actually use mine. Should probably move it elsewhere, but I like leaving it close-ish to the starting area since I routinely put up TONS of super cheap plans and some other freebies for new characters/players.

    But at the same time I'm not much of a builder but do find the system pretty fun. My current house isn't fully furnished (probably need to more or less kill the second floor since it eats up a lot of camp budget and there's nowhere near enough budget left to fill it), but it's at least more than just a functional shelter with crafting stations.

    I'm just sad that I didn't get the popcorn machine from the halloween stuff since apparently it counts as food/water and never spoils. Oh well, still lots of corn soup for me.

    But I'm done for now until the next update. Finished off the scoreboard this weekend and don't have much else I want to do right now (map's explored, quests completed except one side mission that's bugged, dailies have all been done to death), just waiting for the December update to drop with all the QoL improvements which should make the game much more enjoyable (Radiation Rumble won't take 5-10 minutes to loot afterwards!).

    Very much hoping that Pitt/expeditions next year come sooner than later, and are fairly meaty. Really though, getting a few hours of story content and a few new maps for Daily Ops (that are just existing areas in-game to begin with) over the past year is lame as hell. I still haven't the foggiest clue why they wasted time with Worlds, it seems like it will fairly quickly see the same fate as Survival mode and Nuclear Winter, abandoned and eventually shuttered. They really, really need to work more closely with the community playing the game for future direction. I know the game likely has a small team and budget since Bethesda doesn't want to invest in the game, but they keep blowing all kinds of resources on game mods and other things that the playerbase doesn't care for.

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    It's patch day!


    Update Highlights

    Mothman Equinox: Until December 21, visit Point Pleasant in the Forest Region every hour to aid The Enlightened in summoning the Wise Mothman to Appalachia and earn new themed rewards!
    Season 7 Begins: Dr. Zorbo will have his revenge against Captain Cosmos—and you’re going to help! Rank up and claim stellar new rewards on the Season 7 Scoreboard, all while traveling the stars to aid Zorbo in assembling a devious crew.
    Quality-of-Life Improvements: We’ve added Legendary Loot Sharing, Nearby Corpse Looting, a Pip-Boy Keyring, and many more community-requested improvements to the game.
    Public Event Updates: We’ve made some improvements to help streamline our Public Event system and implemented balance changes for a variety of Public Events.
    Pirate Radio: A rogue broadcast is invading Appalachia’s airwaves! Tune your Pip-Boy to Pirate Radio to tap your toes to new tunes, catch radio dramas, and commercials.

    New Seasonal Event: Mothman Equinox
    A group of robed travelers have just arrived in Appalachia, and they’ve taken up residence at Point Pleasant to celebrate a dubious occasion known as the Mothman Equinox. Calling themselves “The Enlightened,” this sect of the Wise Mothman’s most devoted followers plan to summon the cryptid through an elaborate ritual. Aid their dark endeavors and fend off rival cultists to earn the Wise Mothman’s favor!

    Until December 21, the Mothman Equinox Seasonal Event will take place every hour at the top of the hour at Point Pleasant in the Forest region of Appalachia.
    Begin the event by speaking with Interpreter Clarence on the roof of the Mothman Museum.

    Join other Dwellers to aid the Enlightened in completing ceremonial tasks around Point Pleasant, lighting ritual bonfires, and defending against an onslaught of rival Mothman Cultists.
    If you manage to finish each objective before its timer expires, head back to the Mothman Museum’s roof to complete the final step of the summoning, commune with the Wise Mothman, and have a chance to earn new themed plans.
    While you’re in Point Pleasant, don’t forget to hunt around for ways to learn more about the origins of the mysterious Enlightened.
    As long the Mothman Equinox Seasonal Event is live, you’ll also encounter Cultist High Priests during your adventures throughout Appalachia. Hunt down and dispatch them for more chances to earn Mothman Cult themed rewards, but watch out for their shadow creatures!

    Fallout 76 Season 7: Zorbo’s Revenge
    Former (and self-proclaimed) Emperor of the Universe, Dr. Zorbo, has never forgotten his crushing defeat at the hands of Captain Cosmos during “The Legendary Run.” Now, Zorbo seeks to enact revenge by assembling a villainous crew, who will help him build a massive war machine he’ll use to obliterate the Captain. Here’s what’s headed your way during Fallout 76 Season 7, which begins today:

    New Scoreboard: Join forces with Dr. Zorbo on the “Zorbo’s Revenge” Scoreboard as he travels from planet to plant to recruit a crack team that will help him take down Captain Cosmos. Along the way, you’ll be able to earn a host of new in-game rewards this Season, including cosmetics, in-game currencies, consumables, C.A.M.P. objects, and much more!
    New Allies: As you rank up on the Scoreboard, you will also unlock Xerxo and Katherine, two new Allies who can join you in your C.A.M.P., sell you their wares, and offer a daily buff.
    To Rank 100, and Beyond!: As with the previous Season, you can once again surpass Rank 100 to continue earning additional rank-up rewards through the end of Season 7. Each rank you achieve after 100 will award items like Perk Card Packs, consumables, Atoms, and more.
    Catch additional details about Fallout 76 Season 7 by heading to the Seasons page on Fallout.com, or by heading here to read our recent article.

    Quality-of-Life Improvements
    Community feedback plays an important role in how we approach shaping and leveling-up Fallout 76, and we love reading all of your ideas about what you’d like to see added to the game. With today’s update, we’re implementing a number quality-of-life improvements that have been suggested to us by many of you in the community. We hope you enjoy digging into them in-game, and that you will continue sharing your thoughts with us.
    Nearby Corpse Looting: Unlike many of the creatures who cross your path in the Wasteland, you’re a born survivor! Whenever corpses start to pile up, you’ll no longer need to pick through each and every one to grab your loot. When viewing a fallen enemy’s inventory, you can now see and collect all the goodies that the creatures around you have dropped by hitting the “Nearby Corpses” button. Happy looting!

    Legendary Loot Sharing: Going forward, if you’re within sight range of a legendary creature when it’s killed, you’ll be able to loot it. With this improvement, the days of trying to hit legendary enemies before they die, are over.

    Team XP Sharing: Sharing is caring, and leveling-up as you adventure with your team is about to get easier than ever. Every enemy that you or a teammate takes down will now grant XP to everyone on the team, so long as they are within sight range of the creature when it dies.

    Build Menu “New” Tab: We’re adding a “New” tab to your C.A.M.P. build menu that will display any new C.A.M.P. item plans you’ve learned during your current play session, as well as new C.A.M.P. items you’ve unlocked in the Atomic Shop.

    Pip-Boy Keyring: Tired of all those keys cluttering up your Pip-Boy? Get organized with the Keyring, which is a new item in your “Misc.” inventory tab that stores all of the keys you’ve collected from your adventures in the Wasteland. Click it to view or access any keys in your collection as needed.

    Pip-Boy Menu Color Customization: Show your true colors by changing the hue of your Pip-Boy menus using a new set of customization sliders that we’ve added to the game’s settings.

    Ammo Everywhere: The contextual ammo system has been a very popular aspect of Daily Ops, and so we’d like to bring it to all of Appalachia. Now, all existing sources of ammo, like containers and creature loot, have a chance to drop a small amount of ammo for your currently equipped weapon.

    Public Event Updates
    We’re bringing a variety of improvements to Public Events through some adjustments to the Public Event system itself, the addition of a reward preview to Public Event map descriptions, and a number of balance change across many of the events that are currently available in-game.

    Public Event System Updates
    We’ve streamlined the way that Public Events become available in-game by making the cooldown times between events much more consistent.
    Public Event start times are now based on real-world time, and a new one will begin every 20 minutes across all worlds.
    Each world’s next Public Event is selected at random. In addition, a Public Event can no longer appear twice in a row in the same world.
    Seasonal Public Events that begin every hour, like Grahm’s Meat-Cook or Mothman Equinox, will take priority over normal Public Events.
    We’ve adjusted the timers for the following Public Events to help them fit within the 20-minute Public Event time cadence:

    Campfire Tales
    Distinguished Guests
    Feed the People
    Heart of the Swamp
    Line in the Sand
    One Violent Night
    Path to Enlightenment
    Project Paradise
    Radiation Rumble
    Tea Time
    The Motherlode
    Uranium Fever

    A few Public Events, like Scorched Earth and A Colossal Problem, have special requirements in order to start and can be triggered at any time. That has not changed, and these events are not part of the timed Public Event rotation.

    Public Event Reward Previews
    As mentioned above, you can now preview the rewards that are up for grabs at each Public Event directly from the event’s description on the Map. Select an available Public Event on the Map to display its description, and view some of the big-ticket items that are possible to earn if you manage to complete that event successfully.

    Public Event Balance Adjustments
    Previously, some of our Public Events could be a little too difficult, end in failure too suddenly, or even last too long. We’re implementing balance changes for a number of Public Events to help smooth out some of these rough spots and improve the experience of playing through them.

    Campfire Tales
    The campfire often died down too quickly, which could cause the event to fail more easily than we’d like. Now, the campfire will burn a little longer, giving you and your event mates some more time to feed the flames.

    Free Range
    The Brahmin during Free Range were too fragile, so we’ve beefed up their resistances to help them survive more easily (though they will still need you to defend them).

    Guided Meditation
    Feral Ghouls now consistently run toward and attack the speakers, preventing an issue where they could remain idle in the parking lot.
    Ghouls may sometimes still stand around if they don’t sniff out new prey right away, but they will always be much closer to the action.
    We’ve reduced Ghouls’ overall difficulty during Guided Meditation to account for their increased speaker-busting effectiveness.

    Line in the Sand
    Line in the Sand was taking a bit too long to come to an end. It now has an overall time limit of 10 minutes, and uses timers to determine how long Scorched attack waves last, rather than requiring you to kill all enemies in a given wave. These changes should help the event flow more smoothly and reduce downtime throughout.
    Upon reaching the event’s time limit, it will not fail so long as the generator is still standing. You will receive more rewards, however, if you managed to defeat all of the enemy waves.

    Project Paradise
    To help reduce the event’s difficulty, we’re lowering the amount of food required to level-up each biome’s creatures to 15 per rank.
    We’re also adding some more resistances to friendly creatures that spawn during the event.
    Project Paradise no longer ends in failure if you do not manage to kill the Alpha creatures. To succeed, players only need to defend the friendly creatures. However, rewards will be reduced if the Alphas are still alive at the end of the event.

    Radiation Rumble
    To encourage players to participate in the ore collection objective more often, we’re lowering the requirements to 5, 15, 30, and 50 ore for reward tiers one through four, respectively.
    Radiation Rumble now has an overall time limit of 8 minutes, even if you have already reached the final ore collection tier. This way, you can continue defending against enemy attack waves until the event concludes.
    We’ve also lowered the spawn rate of non-Ghoul enemies at certain Ore thresholds to prevent overwhelming enemy numbers.
    Finally, we’ve doubled the Scavengers’ resistances to make them more survivable.

    Swarm of Suitors
    We’ve addressed a number of bugs that could prevent players from receiving the highest tier of rewards and from successfully completing the event. We’ve also made some design adjustments to streamline the event.

    Swarm of Suitors has been redesigned to focus on killing Mirelurks within a certain amount of time, rather than preventing them from reaching the island.
    Now, players must kill all Mirelurks in each of three attack waves before the objective timer expires. If they don’t manage to defeat an attack wave in time, a Mirelurk Queen will spawn and the event will end in failure.

    Tea Time
    Tea Time could end in failure too quickly at times, in part due to some of the pipes breaking too easily. As a result, we’ve increased the health for two of the three pipes so that they match the sturdiest one.
    We’ve also tuned enemy attack waves to spawn creatures at a more consistent frequency to keep up the action.
    Additionally, Rad Ants and Ticks no longer spawn enemy waves that attack the pipes. However, Rad Ants and Bloatflies now spawn in separate enemy waves that focus their attacks on players.

    Tune Into Pirate Radio!
    It seems someone out there in the Wasteland has found a way to hijack the airwaves to begin broadcasting their very own Pirate Radio Station! Open your Pip-Boy and tune into the new station to tap your toes to hours of new jingles, and catch a blast from the past with radio dramas and commercials from life before the bombs dropped. The audio interloper behind this rogue station has yet to reveal their identity, and until they do, you can at least enjoy some fresh tunes during your adventures in Appalachia.

    Bug Fixes & Additional Improvements

    Apparel: The player’s hands no longer clip into rifles and shotguns while wearing the Crypt Crook outfit.
    Apparel: Blood Eagle Charmer, Treasure Hunter, and Radstag Hide outfits now correctly hide underarmor while equipped.
    Graphics: Players who are killed by a Flamer will no longer continue to display flame visual effects after respawning.
    Graphics: Fixed an issue that could cause enemy and player corpses to temporarily become invisible after being killed.

    C.A.M.P.s & Workshops
    Displays: The Pepper Shaker can now be displayed in the Heavy Weapons Stand.
    Fences: Red Cedar Hedges placed in a teammate’s C.A.M.P. can now be moved, stored, scrapped, etc., by the C.A.M.P. owner.
    Flags: The Clean U.S. Wall and Pole Flags have been hand-washed with care and are now much cleaner than before.
    Floors: C.A.M.P. budget consumed by the Haunted House Floor is now consistent with other types of flooring.
    Misc. Structures: Reduced the C.A.M.P. budget consumed by many large neon signs and billboards.
    Roofs: C.A.M.P. budget consumed by the Haunted House Roof is now consistent with other types of roofing.
    Roofs: A windowless variation of the Haunted House Roof Slant has been added to the Haunted House building set.
    Stash Boxes: Implemented a fix to reduce instances where the Secret Stash Bookcase and other Stash Boxes could appear open even though they are closed.
    Tables: The Wavy Willard’s Round Deck Table now correctly appears in the “Tables” category in the build menu.
    Walls: Powered Doors with Keypad access now correctly snap to foundations.
    Walls: Haunted House right fascia pieces no longer flip after applying wallpaper to them.
    Wall Décor: Season Gameboards no longer each have their own entry in the build menu, and instead appear as variants in a single row under Wall Décor.
    Workbenches: Attempting to use a Power Armor Station that has been built close to a wall or another object no longer results in a “Waiting for response from server” error message.

    Combat: The “Repair 76 Swords” lifetime challenge now correctly awards Atoms when completed.
    Social: The “Revive 76 Players” lifetime challenge now correctly awards Atoms when completed.
    Social: The “Use Photomode at Burdette Manor” subchallenge for the “Use Photomode around the Forest Region” social challenge has been corrected to “Use Photomode at the Kill Box.”
    Weekly: Killing a Hermit Crab now progresses the “Kill Huge Creatures” challenge.
    World: Building a wood instrument now correctly progresses the “Possum: Musician” challenge.
    Enemy Health: Implemented a fix to significantly reduce enemy health “rubber banding” that could occur when damaging them with certain weapons, like the Pepper Shaker.

    Daily Ops
    Arktos Pharma: Adjusted the spawn location for Daily Ops inside Arktos Pharma so that players have more room to move around and are less likely to start the Op by accident.

    Events & Quests
    Loading Screens: When fast traveling to a Public Event, loading screens now correctly display additional information about that event.
    The Motherlode: Melody Larkin will no longer warn the player about church bells in Charleston after completing the Motherlode event. Your reign of terror has ended, Melody.
    Project Beanstalk: Pharmabot-JD7E no longer becomes hostile toward the player after being hit by NPCs during the event.
    Vital Equipment: Players now receive the proper amount of reputation with Foundation when choosing to donate the recovered item.

    Fallout Worlds
    Menus: The Shared Worlds menu now reflects changes to a shared Custom World more quickly after the world owner makes settings adjustments.
    Settings: Crafting quest items with Free Workbench Crafting enabled no longer consumes standard crafting materials.
    Settings: When PVP is set to “Always,” the players in that world will now correctly be marked as hostile toward one another.
    Private Adventure: Fixed an issue that could prevent players from joining Private Adventure worlds from the main menu while on a team.

    Aid: Addiction debuffs are now correctly suppressed after consuming an item the character is addicted to.
    Ammo: Fixed an issue that could result in less ammo being created than expected when attempting to craft large amounts of high-caliber ammo with the Ammosmith Perk and Ammo Factory Legendary Perk equipped.
    Apparel: The Hooded Rags outfit no longer removes armor or underarmor when equipped.
    Apparel: The Wrapped Cap can now be worn with eyewear and some face coverings, and no longer removes facial hair when equipped.
    Backpacks: The name of the player's backpack now updates correctly after applying the Corvega skin.
    Exploit: Addressed an issue that could be exploited to consume fewer materials when crafting legendary items.
    Junk: Lanterns now display a preview image when inspected.
    Melee Weapons: The Valorous Alistair Sword Skin can now be applied to many additional one-handed melee weapons.
    Misc: Scrap Assaultron Heads no longer appear upside down in Display Cases.
    Misc: Cold Steel Beer Steins now face the same direction as other Steins when placed in a Beer Stein Display Case.
    Mods: Applying a Jetpack mod to a Secret Service Chest Piece no longer causes it to turn invisible after logging out and back in.
    Mods: The Communist and Red Communist Jetpack mods can now be applied to Ultracite and Raider Power Armor torso pieces.
    Mods: Fixed an issue that allowed players to apply a Jetpack to Excavator Power Armor.
    Mods: Fixed an issue that could prevent a Minigun with the Shredder mod from dealing damage if the player had 5mm ammo in their inventory.
    Mods: The Power Armor Helmet Targeting HUD mod now correctly highlights hostile NPCs who had been passive before the player initiated combat with them.
    Power Armor: The Northern Lights Power Armor skin can now be applied to all types of Power Armor.
    Ranged Weapons: The Salvaged Assaultron Head now deals the correct amount of damage per charge when fired in VATS.
    Ranged Weapons: Fixed an issue that could prevent weapon bash attacks from dealing damage after applying a mod that increased the weapon’s melee damage.
    Ranged Weapons: Flares now ignite properly when fired into the terrain or at a structure.
    Survival Tents: The Tinker’s Workbench and Scrapbox are now oriented correctly in the APC Survival Tent.

    Achievements: Steel Reign Achievements now have proper translations in the Simplified Chinese game client.
    Quests: Corrected missing characters in the “Unsolved: Missing Girls” note during the “Unsolved: Picnic Panic” quest in the Simplified Chinese game client.
    Quests: Corrected missing characters in the “Suspicious death of Alicia Shay” note during the “Treasure Unknown” quest in the Japanese game client.

    Allies: The Settler Forager Ally can once again give Daily Quests to the C.A.M.P. owner.
    Minerva: Item Plans and Recipes the player has already learned will no longer appear to them as purchasable in Minerva’s inventory.

    Performance & Stability
    Client Stability: Fixed a crash that could occur during normal gameplay.
    Client Stability: Fixed a crash that could occur when fighting a Daily Ops boss.
    Client Stability: Addressed an audio issue that could result in a client crash.
    Client Stability: Fixed an issue that could cause the client to crash after fast traveling.
    Client Stability: Applying mods to laser and plasma weapons no longer causes the Russian game client to crash.
    Server Stability: Fixed an issue that could cause a server crash during normal gameplay.
    Server Stability: Fixed a server crash that could occur during combat.
    Server Stability: Addressed an issue that could result in a server crash during the Meat Week Seasonal Event.
    Friendly Fire: Allied NPCs can now be healed using the Friendly Fire Perk.

    User Interface
    Controls: The quick-swap button can now be used to switch to non-offensive weapons, like the Pro-Snap Deluxe Camera.
    Main Menu: Fixed visual issues that could occur after idling on the main menu for an extended period of time.

    Ultracite Veins: Mining Ultracite Veins near Fissure Sites no longer causes Scorched to spawn.
    From what I can gather from these notes, I'm going to level much faster on a public team, never run out of rails for my railway gun, and struggle even more with stash management with all of the 1 star PA pieces I'll now get and have previously missed out on. It'll also be nice to get a chance for max rank rewards from Rad Rumble now. I'm usually the only one collecting ore :/.
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    I'm here for the QOL and new radio station. There's nothing new to do, but hopefully things like Radiation Rumble not being a nightmare to loot with AoE loot now will freshen things up enough.

    Part of me wants to make an alt to play through the story again and whatnot but like...meeehhhhhhh, still need more perk coins and at least one more legendary slot at 300 so I'm stuck on my existing char.

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    I'm at the point where my nostalgia is getting the better of me (and nothing else to play outside D2:R and BW with friends) so I'd try it, but I don't wanna feed Bethesda lol. What's the lowest price it has been on sale for (steam)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorshen View Post
    I'm at the point where my nostalgia is getting the better of me and I'd try it, but I don't wanna feed Bethesda lol. What's the lowest price it has been on sale for (steam)?
    Haven't seen it for cheaper than 10 bucks.

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    I see it for 40eur atm so I guess I'll wait for xmas, maybe my friends will commit the blasphemy as well.

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    Did they ever get around to fixing the many bugs of Sneaking? Or is that still broken as hell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorshen View Post
    I'm at the point where my nostalgia is getting the better of me (and nothing else to play outside D2:R and BW with friends) so I'd try it, but I don't wanna feed Bethesda lol. What's the lowest price it has been on sale for (steam)?
    It's available on Xbox Game Pass for Windows if you can stomach paying a monthly fee. I personally think XBGP is a great service and well worth the money.
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    Welp, time to start the daily/weekly grind for scoreboards! Curious to see how events are with the updates, because those are the only real changes to "content", but it should at least be MUCH nicer with AoE loot.

    Some good shit in the store too (mothman backpack is so cute!) and what appears to be a free hairstyle (don't think it's FO1st only). Spent some of the Atoms I have stored up from FO1st sub. Will I use the eye patches? Probably not, but they're cool. Do I need the mothman backpack? Hell no, but damnit it's adorable. And some building stuff that I'll likely never use either but hey, those Atoms aren't doing anything just sitting there, may as well buy stuff I'm remotely interested in.

    - - - Updated - - -


    And figuring out what Bethesda broke begins. First up: AoE loot, one of the key QoL additions for the update. Apparently if you try it, even on console, you get kicked to the menu screen.

    Man, I know Todd Howard has noped the fuck outta 76 hard and all, but I just want people to follow him around with a giant boombox looping him saying "IT JUST WORKS" in full volume. "It just doesn't work" should be the tagline for the Creation Engine 2 and FO76, because little bloody does.

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