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    Old Shadow Form Glyph

    Any word on getting the old shadow form back? The new one is literally unplayable.

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    I haven't heard anything but I agree with you 100%, shadeform sucks.
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    I agree.. finally got my shadow priest up in level and checked out the new form and was "wtf is this?" (In regards to appearance)
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    Lol it’s literally unplayable eh? Cry wolf much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Master Guns View Post
    Lol it’s literally unplayable eh? Cry wolf much?
    It's too ugly. It gets in the way of enjoying the spec.

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    lol I don't think it's unplayable, but the old shadow form was WAY WAY WAY WAYYYY better

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    Note, that between each form test, the glyph effect was removed to base.

    This is base Shadow Form in Beta:

    This is base Shadow Form in live:

    This is base Voidform in live:

    This is Glyph of Shadow's effect of Voidform on live:

    This is Glyph of Shadowy Friend's effect of Voidform in live:

    The live glyph effects have been in game for some time now, and even with multiple bug reports, it's yet not been fixed. Beta effect looks like shit, as does live voidform with any sort of glyph. Loved the old form, live isn't horrible. Beta is garbage!

    I've not been able to run the friends glyph for my mounts because I look like a fucking lava lamp!
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    You're aware the beta Shadow Form is a bug, right?

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    I don't see the harm in adding a glyph to give people the old shadowform visual back, y'know, the one shadow had every expansion until Legion?

    I like both the old shadowform and the new one, but I'd probably lean towards preferring the old one, either way having the option would be great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adoxe View Post
    You're aware the beta Shadow Form is a bug, right?
    You're aware that the same bugs have been on glyphed voidform since October, right?
    Or how about the Hunter instant shot delay that's been in the game for just over a year. You aware about that?

    Has Blizz confirmed the bug? (actually an honest question).
    Being base shadow form, I'd fully expect them to fix it because it is quite obviously a bug, but we've have the exact same effect for voidform since October with numerous bug reports, and they haven't fixed shit...

    - - - Updated - - -

    New Shadow form from Beta:

    An improvement from lava lamp...
    Not completely sold, but yeah...

    Hoping the fix the voidform on glyphs.

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    Looks better in motion

    Though I still much prefer the Legion version

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    Why do they think it has to be smokey like that lol just let us use the old shadow form

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