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    Tank or DPS Looking for Guild for BFA and on

    Hello everyone!!! I am Nexii, tank connoisseur currently playing on Alliance. After spending 3 years playing on EU realms due to work (military, living in Germany) I am finally returning home before the launch of BFA and have started my search for a US guild to call for BFA on. Before I get into what I am looking for, how about a little about me.

    I have played WoW since 2004 and started as a Mage, always having an alt or two to Tank on since I enjoyed the role. I started as a semi-hardcore before moving up to hardcore in WotLK and Cata, finishing in the top 100 world multiple times. For MoP, one of our tanks left, so I took his role, main tanking our highest finish ever in the top 50 world on my Monk in SoO. From that day on I have mained a tank and the role has been everything I have ever wanted. I tanked EN, ToV, and NH to Cutting Edge before taking a break for ToS, then returning for Antorus to get Cutting Edge before getting ready to move back to the US.

    Now a little bit about what I am looking for. My days of hardcore raiding are behind me, and I now seek a 2-4 night guild on the Horde side with the expectation that the guild clears mythic every tier and obtains Cutting Edge. First day or last day of tier is the same to me. With that being my only goal each tier, I am looking for a guild I can truly enjoy raiding with and doing activities such as M+ with. I want to look forward to raid, not dread it, and possibly have guild meets and other activities. I am looking for a main tank role, but am also willing to play melee DPS for the right fit.

    I will bring extensive fight knowledge to the raid, along with being vocal and coordinating. I am not shy when it comes to leadership as I have held many Officer and Raid Leading roles.

    Currently I focus on m+ on my tanks, along with some heroics. I am not interested in Antorus raiding or progression (mainly because I have done it already) and am spending most of my time on beta getting a feel for BFA tanking (whoever decided defensives should be on the GCD is ridiculous).

    My class plans for BFA are some mixture of Warrior, DK, Pally, and DH. I will not pick a class until the tuning pass before the xpac releases.

    If you have any questions or want to have a chat, add me at bnet: Nexii#11519 or Discord: Nexii#3269

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    Hey! <Team Dai Gurren> is a new guild on [US][H]Dalaran made up of vets who quit after WoTLK. We're still gearing up and progressing through heroic Antorus but a lot of our members were Light of Dawn back in Wrath and we plan on making a serious push into mythic once we've geared up. We currently raid Saturday at 8pm EST and we're planning on adding a second night soon. Hit me up here or in game at Imp#12118.

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    Adult Weekend Raiding
    Are you an adult who cannot spend 20 hours a week raiding but still have that itch to down bosses?

    Judgement on Turalyon server has been hosting raid teams since just prior to B.C. Our current main raid team operates weekends from 7pm EST to 11pm EST on Saturday evenings and until 10pm EST on Sunday evenings. We are perfect for the player that has a full week brining home the money and caring for their family. We consider ourselves casual, having only maintained AOTC during Legion. But we base our progress on the current membership in the guild. We are hoping to bring in the last handful of players we need in order to stick our toes back into Mythic raiding for BFA. But never with the intention of being the first or the greatest. Those guilds usually last a year or less till they implode, fracture and become the next three guilds claiming to be the first and the greatest. Judgement started on Antonidas server where we were always in the top ten guilds on that sever for raid progression. Then we moved to Grizzly hills where we were breifly one of the top 25 person raid teams on that server. We then moved to Turalyon where we have maintained AOTC since.

    The leadership is adult and fair but with zero tolerance for personal drama. We treat our players as family, not as tools to gain the next kill.

    I am not going to lie to you. We do ask the simple things of players in that they show up for raid prepared to complete the content we have chosen to work on as a guild at any given time. This includes not only having your spec's required food, flasks, augment runes, but the knowledge of your class to perform at least in the blue on logs. Not really big requirements but bottom line is bosses don't fall over dead because you have good intentions.

    We are always recruiting and look at alternate raid teams but for now we are sticking with weekends.

    The key is that we are always here, and we will always continue to be.

    Ask yourself, are you ready to find your last guild?

    Great Raiding to you. INJ#1944

    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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    Sup Nexii! My name is Kuainn on Area 52 and I would like to extend an invitation to <Crimson Vigil>. I will drop our info below but if you want to talk then add me on bnet at Kuainn#1663 or Discord at Kuainn#8413!

    <Crimson Vigil> [H][US][Area 52]

    <Crimson Vigil> is built from a core of returning/current Mythic and Top-50 to Top-100 US players. Most of the core are players who have already attained 11/11M CE and many other Cutting Edge from raids through the years. We are seeking other like-minded competitive players that want to push and better themselves both individually and as a group. The main goal we have for BFA and on will be to achieve Cutting Edge and push for Top-100 US.

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday 10pm-1am EST (7pm-10pm PST)
    Wednesday 10pm-1am EST (7pm-10pm PST)
    Thursday 10pm-1am EST (7pm-10pm PST)

    As a guild, we can provide you with multiple beneficial aspects:

    -A durable guild that will last for many raid tiers to come
    -During progression, we will supply all consumables and repairs
    -Cutting Edge progression under a reasonable 9-hour schedule
    -Performance feedback when necessary to help each raider be their very best

    As a guild, we also expect a few things from our players:

    -Knowledge of the class that you are playing as well as an ability to play it at a high skill level
    -Prior raiding experience is required, Mythic experience is a powerful addition
    -Discord, a working microphone, and the ability to communicate with others when necessary
    -The drive to take the time to learn and study fights ahead of time
    -Staying up-to-date with gems and enchants for your gear
    -Keeping a calm mind, staying patient, and being able to take/give constructive criticism

    We currently have open recruitment as we continue to build our roster. Spots open include a Tank, a Healer, and a few more DPS. Any competent and exceptional player is encouraged to apply.

    If interested in joining us for BFA or you have questions, please post a reply below with your contact information. Alternatively, you can add any of us below:
    GM – Liont#1894 (Btag)
    Recruiting/DPS – Sejul#11367 (Btag) Sejul#7829 (Discord)
    Recruiting/Healing – Kuainn#1663 (Btag) Kuainn#8413 (Discord)

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