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    Druid/Monk Player looking for BfA Mythic Guild

    Hey all,

    Let's start with an introduction,

    My name is Luntho, I've been playing and maining a Druid since early TBC which i guess is around 12 years now? I grew up in England, so played on EU servers up until my move to the US last year. I've been playing endgame content as much as i can, to include mythic, or the equivalent difficulty, in every expansion apart from Cataclysm.

    I'm a 25 year old male with time on my hands to play the game i love with like minded people. I want to make my time enjoyable and progressive again.

    I'm looking at finally getting back into serious game play after moving to the US and what better time to start than with a new expansion. Until then, i'm looking for a new server and guild to call home for the foreseeable future.

    What you need to know:

    I'll be maining my druid or possibly a monk, with Healing being my main spec on both, with a boomkin off spec or WW offspec with the monk. Tanking is an option that i am open to if the opportunity presents itself. I want to be clearing current content AOTC with mythic raiding being a goal. Feral is fun too i guess. I still want to raid at a good standard with people who want to progress and push as hard as they can with the limited time they have for the game.

    Preferred Raiding times would be anytime between:
    2200-0300 ET
    2100-0200 CT
    2000-0100 MT
    1900-0000 PT

    Anytime before this is unlikely due to my current work schedule

    I will be in a different timezone until the end of July, but i will be back on CT as of the end of July.

    I am able to transfer a monk and druid if the guild is alliance, if not i will only be able to afford to transfer on of them, but can level the other relativity fast in time for the expansion

    If you have any questions, you can contact me on either Bnet (Gando#21200) or Discord (Luntho#7319)

    I look forward to your inquiries

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    Hey Luntho! My name is Kuainn on Area 52 and I am with <Crimson Vigil>. I read your post and you seem like you would be a great addition for us if Mythic is what you are looking for in BFA I will drop our info below but if you want to chat then add me on btag at Kuainn#1663 or discord at Kuainn#8413!

    <Crimson Vigil> [H][US][Area 52]

    <Crimson Vigil> is built from a core of returning/current Mythic and Top-50 to Top-100 US players. Most of the core are players who have already attained 11/11M CE and many other Cutting Edge from raids through the years. We are seeking other like-minded competitive players that want to push and better themselves both individually and as a group. The main goal we have for BFA and on will be to achieve Cutting Edge and push for Top-100 US.

    Raid Times:
    Tuesday 10pm-1am EST (7pm-10pm PST)
    Wednesday 10pm-1am EST (7pm-10pm PST)
    Thursday 10pm-1am EST (7pm-10pm PST)

    As a guild, we can provide you with multiple beneficial aspects:

    -A durable guild that will last for many raid tiers to come
    -During progression, we will supply all consumables and repairs
    -Cutting Edge progression under a reasonable 9-hour schedule
    -Performance feedback when necessary to help each raider be their very best

    As a guild, we also expect a few things from our players:

    -Knowledge of the class that you are playing as well as an ability to play it at a high skill level
    -Prior raiding experience is required, Mythic experience is a powerful addition
    -Discord, a working microphone, and the ability to communicate with others when necessary
    -The drive to take the time to learn and study fights ahead of time
    -Staying up-to-date with gems and enchants for your gear
    -Keeping a calm mind, staying patient, and being able to take/give constructive criticism

    We currently have open recruitment as we continue to build our roster. Spots open include a Tank, a Healer, and a few more DPS. Any competent and exceptional player is encouraged to apply.

    If interested in joining us for BFA or you have questions, please post a reply below with your contact information. Alternatively, you can add any of us below:
    GM – Liont#1894 (Btag)
    Recruiting/DPS – Sejul#11367 (Btag) Sejul#7829 (Discord)
    Recruiting/Healing – Kuainn#1663 (Btag) Kuainn#8413 (Discord)

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